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Five Acts Meme!

It's that time of year again, that time of year where we post the links to our kinks and write porn for each other! And who doesn't love that? The lovely toestastegood is keeping the master list of people (and various other helpful links to kinks) over here: Five Acts Meme.

My top five kinks at present (in no particular order):

1. Power Play - Dominance and/or submission, bondage, different ranks or social positions, a special ability, bringing a little extra edge to the bedroom to see who does (or doesn't) wear the pants!

2. Urgency for sex - Gotta have it, gotta have it all right now! Uncontrollable desire, sex pollen, the people just have to to the horizontal (or possibly vertical) tango right the heck now!

3. Alternate Universes - Throw the modern guys into a medieval setting or a futeristic one, swap time periods, have everyone be a cat, blow up the world, put everyone on a sports team or in a coffee shop or a hospital, have a zombie apocalypse, vampires and werewolves and demons, just shake things up in a big way and have the dynamics play out sexily.

4. Multiple orgasms - Once you pop, you just can't stop. The fun just keeps on coming. And coming. And coming.

5. Fuck-or-die - Aliens made them do it, have to complete an obscure ritual, illnesses with strange cures, needful to share body heat, at gunpoint, just do it!


Supernatural: Dean/Sam, Dean/Castiel, Sam/Ruby, Dean/Anna, Dean/Sam/Castiel, Sam/Madison, Pam/Jo, or some variation on the above, including threesomes or moresomes!
Heroes: (I like virtually everything about Heroes, but here are a few faves) Nathan/Peter, Noah/Nathan, Sylar/Peter, Adam/Monica, Adam/Peter, Elle/Sylar, Sylar/Claire, Sylar/Luke, Matt/Mohinder, and anyone else you like in threesomes or moresomes!
Torchwood: Jack/Ianto, or Jack/damn near anyone. Seriously. It's Captain Jack.
Star Trek reboot: Any pairing really. They're all pretty awesome. Mirror verse rocks too. Special faves are Kirk/McCoy, Kirk/Spock, Spock/Uhura.
Sherlock (BBC): Sherlock/John
Crossovers: Parker (Leverage)/Elle (Heroes)



Jan. 11th, 2011 11:12 pm (UTC)
Re: Heroes, Adam/Monica, urgency, fuck or die [2/2]
He hasn't looked after anyone but himself in a very long time, and he shouldn't be foolish enough to try to protect a woman who is determined to get in his way and prevent his plans - yet she has been a staple of his life for a year now. She has been there to block his way when he is about to go too far, and now she is in his lap, silently crying like she might be broken.

"It hurts," she admits, barely a whisper. "God, Adam, I feel like I'm burning up."

He takes over the job of undressing them, pulling her black leggings down to her boots and pulling his trousers down enough to expose his erection. It is harder than it ought to be considering the situation; unlike Monica, he has no excuse at all. He pulls her panties to the side, finding them damp with excitement, but before he can do anything more she is already sliding down, taking him deep inside her cunt.

He grips hold of her hips and guides her as she rides his cock, furiously fast and hard. Her breasts rub against his chest with every solid bounce, nipples hard and pointed. He pulls her hood back to take a good look at her face, staring his share as she fucks herself on him. She's every bit as beautiful as he thought, and the tired, sweaty desperation on her features only adds to it.

"I want to kiss you," he admits, panting. Her pussy is tight and hot around him, and even if her hips are moving with an expert's ease he knows that with her power that doesn't mean a thing - it is a reflection of her viewing habits and nothing more. "Please, Monica. Can I?"

He doesn't have the right to do it without asking. He can pretend that this is doing her a favour, helping to sate the hunger implanted inside her, but he isn't an idiot. He isn't the one being taken advantage of.

Without saying a word she moves her head to catch his mouth, open lips against his own, her tongue flashing forward. He groans without being able to control it, and eases her down onto the floor, lying between her legs as he begins to thrust into her. He moves his hand between their bodies, his fingers seeking her clit. The first brush, barely touching it at all, makes her clench around him and cry out - she's close, so close. Moving his mouth to brush against her neck, he presses his fingers more insistently, tracing shapes against her pussy.

Lower down, he can feel the way that his member is stretching her, the way that her body is forced to take his dick. Stretched tight around him, he wishes that he could keep her like this forever, desperate and panting and utterly, completely his.

Yet nothing can last forever. Everything ends.

The touch of his fingers is enough to end her, to send her rocketing into a climax that makes her writhe and twist beneath him. Hips snapping, he fucks into her until he follows, muffling his own cries against her neck, her hair tickling his nose and mouth. Panting, he feels as if all of the energy has been drained from his body, taken from him to her.

"How do you feel?" he asks, pulling out of her body, slick and messy now. She stays on the ground for a few moments, her groin exposed while the rest of her remains closed, only a small patch of trimmed hair on display. "Has it passed?"

She nods, a frown on her face, and he can see a thousand emotions passing through her, none of them positive. "Thank you," she says. "You shouldn't have had to do that."

He wants to tell her that it's alright, and that after all they've been through together - albeit on separate sides of the playing field - a little shag between friends is nothing to worry about. He could even tell her that he's been thinking of this for a long time.

In the end, he holds his tongue and they get dressed in silence. It seems like the only dignified thing left to do.
Jan. 12th, 2011 03:04 pm (UTC)
Re: Heroes, Adam/Monica, urgency, fuck or die [2/2]
Oh noble Adam! Even after all the trouble Saint Joan has caused him, he's not only willing to lend a hand (or a cock), but also to keep her honor by asking for the permission of a kiss. That question in the midst of all the life-or-death intercourse was so very lovely! Thank you! :)



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