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Buy Me, I'm For Sale!

All right, y'all. I've been participating in several Last Author Standing contests, all of whom are run by the dilligent and tireless needtakehave. However, she's having the worst of bad years, and is in serious danger of losing her house where her, her mother, and their five rescue dogs live. In short, she's desperate, and is asking for help to make ends meet so they can keep their house. In addition to selling off her DVDs, she is holding a fandom auction. More details here: Foreclosure Sucks Fandom Auction

I am selling two stories (technically three, but someone already bought one), at least 2,000 words, in any fandom or crossover of mine, any rating, any genre (or I'll even do some original ficion, if you prefer)! My post is here: Jaune Chat sells herself!

You can either bid on me or buy me outright.

If you want to join the auction yourself to sell something, excellent! Or you could pimp this auction on your own journals or comms to help get the word out!
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