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Stream of Consciousness From a Drop of Milk

Title: Stream of Consciousness From a Drop of Milk
Author: jaune_chat
Original Fiction
Rating: PG
Wordcount: 542
Warnings: none
A/N: Written for originalfic_las for the prompt: "Finally.” This has been edited from the original version.
Summary: The life and times of a drop of milk.

Ah. Nice and warm. All soft and quiet with a good heartbeat background. Everything is just perfect. Wait, what’s going on? Gah! Oof! Hey now, no need to crowd, everyone. Ak! Getting a little tight in here. Hands off the merchandise! I don’t need to get squeezed!

Uh oh. Oh no. Yeek! I’m out! Hey! Put me back in the udder! It’s cold out here and too bright and I’m in a bucket. A bucket! I’m used to much cushier accommodations than this, I’ll have you know!

No no. They’re carrying us over to the vats. Not the vats, not the vats! Don’t pour me in the vats! Crap. I’m in the vat. Well. At least there’s a view, sort of.

Bored. Very bored. Waiting for the cream to rise. Boring. Oh boy. Someone’s coming over here again. Oh come on, not another vat! Ooo, but it has a lid, how exciting.

And now, a truck ride. Why me? Too loud and noisy!

Sigh. I need to stop complaining. I think I’ve been sold. Note to self, keep fat mouth shut. Well, I think it’s a skim mouth now, but the principle stands!

Whoo, finally pouring us out of the vats and into a pot! Freedom! Spoke too soon, now we’re just sitting here again. Hey, it’s getting all nice and warm… warmer, um, hot, very hot. Hey, I’m starting to scald here!

Ah, ok, off the heat. Feeling all clean now. And now I’m being poured back in a vat. With a lid. Poo.

More truck noises. They’re still far too loud. And now I’ve been sold again. I wish they’d make up their minds about who wants me!

Into a vat again, and this one is a doozy. Whee! Finally, room to spread out. Aw man, now we have to deal with an agitator? I guess that’s better that just sitting around.

Cold now. Colder. Hey, I did not order the deep freeze! Oh my. I didn’t order company either! Sugar, oof!, and vanilla – hey, stop clinging to me! Ungrateful wretches. I was here first!

Oh cold. So very cold. I guess we’re in this together now, sugar and vanilla. Blah, they never say nothing. Now I’m bored and cold. Bored stiff, you might say, ‘cause I sure as heck can’t move now.

Hey! I don’t want to go in a box! Don’t put me in a box!

Screw it, I’m in a box.

Truck noises again. I think I hate trucks. And I’m still really cold. Ok, off the truck, but still freezing. Big meanies. It wouldn’t kill them to warm me up a bit, would it?

Wait, hang on, I think I hear a beep. Yeah… I’ve been sold again. Someone’s making money and it’s not me. This is a sad, sorry state of affairs.

Car noises now; less annoying than truck noises.

Oh hurrah, someone opened the box! I have a view! Oh my, that tickles when you scoop me out. Oh no, oh no, stop tickling me! Hey, I’m getting warmer…

Oh! It’s so warm in here. No view, but warm. Whoa, down the hatch I go!

Ah… nice and warm. All soft and quiet with a nice heartbeat background. Everything is just perfect again.

Tags: fic, las, original fiction

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