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Even In Pieces

Title: Even In Pieces
Author: jaune_chat
Fandom: Firefly
Characters: River Tam
Rating: PG
Wordcount: 276
Spoilers: Series for Firefly
Warnings: none
Disclaimer: Firefly belongs to Joss, not I.
A/N: Written for jossverse_las for the prompt - “Life is life, fight for it,” ~Mother Theresa
Summary: River needs all of her pieces to try to be whole.

There are pieces of me all over. Some I left behind, and I can’t go back for them. Some are in the galley, the tasting and eating parts, discerning the flavors that aren’t very good. The dancing parts are in the cargo bay, all free flowing, gravity oriented on the horizontal as well as the vertical. The clever parts are stuck on the outside of Serenity or in the sickbay with Simon’s tools.

The parts that love and care are in the room where I sleep and Simon kisses me good night and tells me I’m his sister and wishes he could help me better. The strange parts, the ones wrapped up in the skin of a girl, they walk from place to place, attracting the other parts briefly, like electrons to an ion, there briefly and gone again in the half-life of the corridors.

Sometimes all the parts come together and I remember how it all used to be and I want to stay a whole girl forever and have that life. Sometimes the others wonder if I would be better as a whole, still girl with her living part gone.

But all my pieces are alive. Every one of them. They’re my pieces, each of them still close, and I won’t let any of them stray too far.

So I hunt all the pieces and make sure they’re all still here somewhere. I fight with them and for them because they’re all part of the living girl and she’s important to the people who care. (Even if they have doubts they still care.) It’s my life and I will have it, even in pieces.
Tags: fic, firefly, las, river tam

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