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Help Japan!

All right, all of the offers are up on help_japan, and bidding will end on March 31st. There's a ton of great stuff on there, from fics, to food, beta services, art, graphics, layouts, and lots and lots of interesting things like clothes, dolls, jewelry, and letters from around the world.

I am offering a year's worth of letters and recipes. I'll happily talk about my life, my job, my hobbies, and my cat. I'll blab about any shared fandoms, talk about books I read and movies I see, and stories that I'm writing. If you want to write back, I'll listen to your woes, try to give advice, and squee about our shared shows. I'll include recipes I've made (and enjoyed), articles from our local paper, and the occasional gift on your birthday/significant date/holiday of your choice. So if you'd like a penpal from the American Midwest, bid on me! My pen is ready and waiting!
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