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Drabble Dump - March Edition!

Not a whole lot this month. Really. At all. I started writing on a couple of big bangs, and working on some other projects, so the comment_fic suffered a bit. So here I present to you my two (count 'em, TWO) whole drabbles for the month of March.

NCIS/Criminal Minds/Leverage, Abby/Garcia/Parker, talk about the benefits of the men on their teams aka 'girl talk'

Girls’ Night In – NCIS/Criminal Minds/Leverage, Abby, Garcia, Parker, PG

“Ok, ok, in a head-to-head knock-down drag-out wrestling match, who wins?” Abby asked.

“Morgan,” Garcia said instantly.

“Eliot,” Parker said almost simultaneously. Parker narrowed her eyes, Garcia considered, and sighed.

“Ok, your point.”

“Who would you have said?” Parker asked Abby.

“I would have said Ziva, but since I can’t… Probably Tony, but thought I love him to the last breath in my body, Eliot still wins.”

“Parker, your turn,” Garcia said.

“You have five minutes to crack a series five Stonewall vault with electronic coding. Go!”

“McGee!” Abby said gleefully.

“Aw, I was gonna say me,” Garcia said.

“That’s not in the rules,” Abby pointed out.

“Hardison would win!” Parker said.

“That’s… no, I can’t concede. McGee’s too clever,” Abby said, shaking her head.

Parker opened her mouth to argue when Garcia spoke. “McGee has all those government resources and protections, while Hardison has all the cool toys and doesn’t need to follow the law. It’s a toss-up.”

Abby and Parker narrowed their eyes at each other, and Garcia took her turn before they could start arguing again.

“Most intimidating leader.”

“Ok, that’s unfair,” Parker said.

“How’s that unfair?”

“It’s a hard three-way tie! Nate would have everything planned out five steps in advance and Hotchner would figure out everyone’s tells and Gibbs would look at everyone all steely-eyed and then go shoot them!”

“He would not!” Abby protested.

“He could. He likes the direct route,” Parker said.

“Biggest brain!” Garcia called out, diffusing another bomb.

Parker grinned as she countered that Nate could totally out-think Ducky, making Abby giggle like a maniac as Garcia argued that Reid could school them all. Laughing so hard she almost forgot to breathe, Garcia went to grab more hot chocolate as the girls’ night in stretched into the wee hours of the morning.

Fringe, Peter/Olivia, in bed after their first time... their "real" first time.

Aftermath – Fringe, Peter/Olivia, PG-13

It's amazingly good. Not the sex, though that was good too. Well, better than good. Great. Great is the word he's looking for.

Thank God he's learned to keep his mouth shut until post-orgasmic stupidity fades.

But what's good is being here, feeling Olivia beside him, relaxed and happy and actually content for once. She loves him, he loves her, wants to be with her, and now it's real and solid. No longer fantasies or desperate pleas across planar boundaries. No more deception from doppelgangers.

Olivia sighs and cuddles closer to him, pillowing her head on his chest, her arm across his stomach, her fingers idly stroking his ribs. Peter knows he shouldn't compare, but he can't help himself. And strangely enough, it's here where the difference shows on that visceral level. The other Olivia had been more uninhibited, more open, which had certainly made things more acrobatic. But she was just as open in bed as outside it.

The real Olivia... it had been so much more of an act of trust to open up. Seeing her open herself up for him, letting him kiss her when she was vulnerable and emotionally naked, was more spine-tingling than anything he'd been shown before. Seeing Olivia smile when he tickled her, watching her wry triumph when she wrung a gasp out of him that made him reach for her, that satisfied cravings he hadn't known he had.

She'd offered him more than a sweaty athletic endeavor, more than pillow talk, more than companionship and affection. She'd offered him herself, and had taken what he'd given as if she wasn't sure she was worthy of the honor.

He felt the same way.

Peter buried his face in Olivia's hair and held her close, knowing her relaxed trust was just for right now, for them alone.

"I'm so glad I'm with you," he whispered.

Olivia pressed her hand over Peter's heart with no hesitation. "I love you, too."
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