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So... many... things...

I have been a busy little bee today. And recently. And will be in the future!

Recently I participated in the help_japan auction. I was selling friendship bracelets, and letters/recipes for a year. Both got bought, and now I'm making/writing those up. I also won a couple of things, notably letters from a lovely person up north, some very cute cloud pins, a postcard from Germany (which came yesterday, it's very pretty), a hand-painted daruma, and a fic which I hope to be reading in a month or so. A good haul for a good cause!

Today was a day off, and heavens, I got a whole lot done. Usually my days off involve sleeping until 9 or so, watching TV, messing around on the Internet, and then maybe doing some writing. Today I was up early and spent five hours helping my dad around his house (he has arthritis and other health problems and can’t tend to much of that himself). We got a lot of yardwork done, as well as some cleaning/sweeping of the indoors, transport of various good from the second floor to the first, and well as much conversations about me being a rake ninja. Good times. We have plans to see Sucker Punch tomorrow! (Already saw it once, and he was indignant that I didn't invite him along. We'll soon fix that!)

Then I did a run to the bank and the post office. Annoyingly, I owe the government quite a bit of taxes this year, so I went to get a money order to send to them, along with all the usual paperwork to them and to the state. Also sent off packages to some other folks, one to a help_japan recipient and the other to my sister. Then I made a run to the credit union to replenish funds to the main bank. (My savings are at a different bank than my checking, and a certain amount from my paycheck is deposited there each week. I deliberately do not have those two accounts connected, nor do I have internet banking with my credit union, so it makes getting into my savings as much of a hassle as possible. It makes me think really hard if I want to get into them or not.)

I followed that up with washing the dishes, then joining Mr. Chat for our bi-weekly grocery trip. We dined on leftovers from Monday's meal as we watched our TiVOed episode of Castle, and then I finally managed to get one of my LAS stories written for this week.

It was an extremely busy day for me, being that I was more out of the house than in it. But at least I should be able to really devote some time to writing tomorrow.

I have my other LAS story, a very long-delayed birthday fic for a_cook1, a little bit of perversity for tentacle_fest, as well as organizing my crossbigbang. I only have about half the word count I need for the big bang, but what parts I do have are jumbled all to hell. I was writing it in my paper journal at work as scenes came to me and then I transcribed it as-is, which helped me at least see where I was at word count-wise, but needs a great deal of massaging so I can see what needs to get done. Things being how they are, and the fact that I need to clean house tomorrow, I'll count myself lucky if I can, at minimum, get the LAS done and organize the big bang. (If anyone's interested in helping to kick my ass into gear about that, it's an Inception/Criminal Minds story, Cobb's team teaching the BAU profilers how to extract to deal with a serial killer who kills in dreams.)

I'm going on a trip to the Detroit area this weekend with Mr. Chat and other friend to see some buddies that moved there last year, so alas I will not be writing on the computer. However, as I won't be driving that much, I hope to write in my notebook some more. Even if I don't get things organized for the big bang, at least I can bulk up the word count and get out the crazy scenes that are in my head. There needs to be more... stuff. And things. And possibly objects.

Other amusements going on in my life - A friend of mine is an aspiring author, and hopes to get his books published one day. (Don't we all?) He has a website where he, I, and one of his other friends have been putting up stories. Or rather we’ve been sending them to him and he’s been putting them up when he gets the time. He wants to do a collaboration with me on a short story, so we're starting out with this idea I had about space pirates. Because everything's better with pirates, even space! Watch this journal for more as things develop!
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