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I Am The Terminator... Apparently

A few random things in the last few days...

Apparently I am the Terminator, and I didn't know it. At work the other day, I was running a crane, controlling it so a co-worker could guide a heavy roll of paper into place on a platform high above the machine we were working on. The pendant control has a bright red light on it to show it's active. And from my co-worker's angle, the light shone off my safety glasses so it looked like one eye was shooting red laser beams.

I am Ah-nuld. FEAR ME!

In other news, I was over helping my dad the other day. Something had managed to get into the upper story of the house and die up there, and since he has arthritis, it was up to me to climb into the attic and see if I could locate the critter. The attic is, of course, not finished, so I was crawling around on a few boards to use as a bridge between the joists (so I wouldn't fall down through the ceiling). Foolishly I forgot to get kneepads before going up there. So I got some bruised knees and couldn't locate the dead beastie. I think it's in the walls, the little bugger. Grr.

In gaming news, I had a lot of fun with an item in my bi-weekly Dungeons and Dragons session. You give out magic items as treasure for the players. Some are items that help them in combat with monsters, some are items that help them outside of combat, like things that help them with travel, or aid magical powers (for those that have them). And some are items that are just fun. I gave the group a Ring of Baccanalia. Its effect? "It creates wine, women, and song." When the female knight put it on and wanted to party, it created a rowdy army camp with lots of good beer, rousing regimental songs, and other female knights to have some friendly competition with. When the fire-happy wizard put it on, there was lots of congac, a bonfire, and fireworks. When the kilt-wearing Highland warrior put it on, there was ale, bagpipes, and women with huge tracts of land.

Does it have an in-game effect for anything? No. Is it funny as hell? Oh yeah.
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