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In That Moment

Title: In That Moment
Author: jaune_chat
Fandom: Supernatural
Characters/Pairing: Dean Winchester/Castiel
Rating: PG
Word Count: 290
Spoilers: Vague S4
Warnings: Men kissing ;)
Disclaimer: Supernatural is owned by Kripke, CW, et al.
Notes: This was written for tiptoe39’s Five Acts Meme for the acts: “first times/instant chemistry.”
Summary: Castiel had one moment with Dean he will remember for all of time.

Dean wouldn't remember. How could he? He might remember parts of Hell, and of course he would remember his former life, but this? How hard Castiel had fought to cling to him as he dragged him out of the Pit, inch by inch, back to the real world.

He wouldn't remember how Castiel had seen that light stubbornly shining through the darkness that Alistair had tried to wrap around it. He wouldn't remember how Castiel had burned away the demonic taint, seen the unshielded glory of Dean Winchester, strong and beautiful, and fallen hopelessly in love.

But Castiel couldn't keep him, couldn't take him into Heaven and let him be happy and safe there. God had a plan for him, and Castiel did not even dream of disobeying Him.

So he had rebuilt Dean's body, and put his soul back inside. And for the briefest of moments, Dean could look at Castiel with the full knowledge of everything that had happened, everything that they'd done, and everything they knew, and realize how much Castiel loved him.

And in that moment, Dean had smiled, pulled Castiel to him, and kissed him so hard. In thanks and forgiveness, for not giving up on him and not despising him for what he'd done, and for knowing it wasn't Castiel's fault he had to thrust him into the uncaring world again. Castiel loved him even more in that moment and had carelessly pulled him close, their souls meeting in a single moment of transcendent ecstasy.

The brand on Dean's shoulder would remain, a symbol of that profound bond, something neither of them would be able to fully understand once they'd return to Earth. But that was all right.

For they'd had that one moment.
Tags: castiel, dean winchester, dean/castiel, fic, kink meme, slash, supernatural

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