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State of the Fic

Ok, whew! I have a lot of writing on my plate. Here's what I've got going down:

Nightmare Machine - For crossbigbang. Due mid-June, Inception/Criminal Minds crossover - The dream team teaches the profilers how to extract so they can go after a guy who uses dreams as his weapon of choice. Mostly complete, except for the ending. And the editing. And the cleaning up. And the betaing. And with the making it all better and stuff.

Untitled Vampire and Werewolf AU - For au_bigbang. Criminal Minds story, where Prentiss is a vampire, Morgan is a werewolf, and Rossi is her chosen blood donor. They solve superhuman crimes along with the rest of the BAU boys and girls! It'll be a romance! With sex! And darkness! (It's vampires, what do you expect?)

Vacationthon - I'm doing two stories for vacationthon. But I can speak no more about it. Except it'll involve some people on vacation. ;)

I'm doing three fics for the Foreclosure Sucks charity -

Fringe teams, Snowbound - fervid_fangirl wanted some pretty cool stuff, so I'm doing a story where the two Fringe teams (our verse and alt!verse) are snowbound at a cabin. With some Peter/Oliva in there. And angst.

Lost, Juliet/Sayid - aurilly wanted this delightfully badass rare pair, so I'm going to take a stab at it. I think it's gonna be awesome!

Original Fiction, normal people in a magical world - thinlizzy2 wanted a story where some non-magical people in a magical society, with some underground railroad stuff. I think it will star a blacksmith. Everyone loves a blacksmith! (And nobody suspects them, mwahahahaha!)

In other news -

Dean/Hotchner/HRG - I still owe a_cook1 this for her birthday. Which was in December. I haven't forgotten, sweet pea! Three alphas in a room, two of them in control, one wanting to lose it. Awwww yeah.

Sherlock (BBC), "Dear John" - The working title for this fic is "Dear John," but I'm totally going to rename it. In short, John dies heroically at the end of "The Great Game," Sherlock is very badly injured, and well after John is dead, Sherlock realizes he loves him. So while Sherlock tries various unconventional things to find Moriarty, he has long conversations with John (who appears to him, though they're both quite aware he's dead). It's gonna be atrociously angsty, and kinda hot.

All the other stuff - I'm still in four Last Author Standing rounds (originalfic_las, crossovers_las, tvnetwork2_las, and jossverse_las), I'm still doing comment_fic when inspiration strikes, and I think the latest round of the Five Acts and deancaskink has netted me requests for at least three sequels, if not more. Whee!
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