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Unholy Alliance (also Drabble Dump - April 2011)

Yeah, so some of you might have been wondering where my April drabble dumb was. It's here. This one story. Because I was hella writing-busy in April. But I hope it amuses!

Firefly, Jayne & River, tea party.

Unholy Alliance – Firefly, Jayne and River, PG

Jayne lifted one of Inara's fine china cups with the utmost concentration, making sure his fingers, though careful enough on the delicate inner workings of any number of firearms, wouldn't crack the handle.

"Now you sip," River said gravely, pointing her pinky finger high and lifting the cup to her lips.

Jayne followed suit, the hot, sweet tea, smelling of flowers, actually tasting pretty good. They didn't have a lot of sugar to spare on the long voyages in the black, but Inara always had a stash for her clients. Not that Mal wouldn't bounce Jayne out the airlock if he broke into Inara's shuttle.

But River scared him more than Mal right now. So when River said, "We're going to have a tea party," all Jayne had wanted to know was, "When?"

"Then you take the cookie," River said, lifting the expensive little pastry from the plate. "Dip it in the tea. Don't drop any crumbs. Remember to chew."

Book walked in, saw River instructing Jayne on English tea etiquette, using Jayne's guns as coasters, and walked right back out again.

"Is that it?" Jayne growled softly. At least the preacher wouldn't squawk.

"Regrettably, there were no bonnets available," River said soberly. "That is standard attire for this procedure. However, I believe we've completed the experiment adequately."

Jayne paused. "So... I can go?"

"You're an admirable tea-drinker, Jayne Cobb. We should practice this weekly.”

“Oh yeah?” Jayne asked, scowling.

“It would provide refinement.”

“I’m not gonna be refined.”

“You refine your shooting skills.”

“Well, yeah,” Jayne allowed.

“I will refine your tea skills, you will refine my shooting skills.”

Jayne pondered that. “You gonna stab me again?”

River gave him a withering glance.

“All right then.”

The two clinked their cups together, and sipped their tea in unison.
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