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Master List Part 2

No Man Is An Island - [Lost/Firefly] - Richard Alpert, Shepherd Book - [PG rating] - [747 words] - Richard finds himself lost in both time and place, in space.
Something New - [Criminal Minds/Heroes] - Reid, Sylar (or Reid/Sylar) - [PG-13] - [1,000 words] - Spencer still wonders why he can’t have any normal friends. Sylar is probably the least normal of all of them.
The Case of the Dancing Thief - [Sherlock (BBC)/Leverage] - John Watson, Sherlock Holmes, Sophie Devereaux, Parker - [PG] - [999 words] - Sherlock is dancing for a case. Parker is dancing for a job. John and Sophie are wondering what the world’s coming to.
Tango - [Criminal Minds/Dollhouse] - Penelope Garcia, Topher Brink - [PG rating] - [638 words] - A little friendly hacking competition between two resident geniuses.
We Wear Our Brains On Our Sleeves - [Fringe/Heroes] - Olivia Dunham, Sylar - [PG-13] - [730 words] - Olivia dreams of a brain-extracting serial killer. He’s the only one who can help her understand her mind. Literally.
Double Trouble - [Leverage/Heroes] - Elle Bishop, Parker, Leverage team - [PG rating] - [638 words] - Parker is pulling a heist. She runs into Elle Bishop. The world will never be the same.
Bible Study - [Firefly/Supernatural] - Book, Crowley-as-Badger, Mal - [PG-13] - [1,000 words] - Shepard Book goes along with Mal to meet Badger and discuss a few things about their past... and future.
Texting From London Station - [Sherlock (BBC)/Star Trek] - Sherlock/John, Kirk/McCoy - [PG-13] - [1,375 words] - Sherlock texts Jim Kirk about a case. Doctors McCoy and Watson try to keep them from doing anything too stupid about it. Creative forms of restraint ensue! Sequel to London Station and Aftermath of London Station.
Aftermath of London Station - [Sherlock (BBC)/Star Trek] - Sherlock/John, Kirk/McCoy - [NC-17] - [1,154 words] - After the London Station/Enterprise debacle, the two couples need to clear the air about who belongs with whom. Sequel to London Station.
London Station - [Sherlock (BBC)/Star Trek] - Sherlock/John, Kirk/McCoy - [PG-13] - [3,144 words] - A body from London Station is found on the Enterprise. Enter two rogue genius intellects and their long-suffering doctors to solve the crime!
Sideways Logic - [Firefly/Star Trek] - Spock, Kirk; River Tam - [PG] - [831 words] - Spock meets a girl with a decidedly different viewpoint.
The Used Shuttlecraft Shoreleave Challenge (a.k.a Top Gear... IN SPACE!) - [Top Gear U.K./Star Trek] - Jeremy, Richard, James; Kirk, McCoy, Uhura, Spock, Sulu, Chekov - [PG] - [1,247 words] - Top Gear… IN SPACE! With the crew of the Enterprise.
Immortals On a Train - [Heroes/Lost] - Adam Monroe/Richard Alpert - [R rating] - [6,540 words] - Two immortals on a train have more in common than they realize.
(Un)Welcome Aboard - [Firefly/Torchwood] - Mal, Inara, Jayne, Zoe, River, rest of Serenity’s crew; Jack Harkness - [PG-13] - [4,158 words] - To make ends meet, Mal listens to a suggestion from Inara that he rent out the other shuttle. She has the perfect candidate, a charming Companion named Jack…
Prisoner Exchange - [Dollhouse/Heroes] - Adelle DeWitt, Topher Brink; Noah Bennet, Sylar - [PG-13] - [2,566 words] - Adelle DeWitt gets a very unwanted guest that turns out to be a solution to both of their problems.
Echoes of Me - [Dollhouse/Criminal Minds] - Reid/Echo, Garcia, Morgan, Topher, Paul Ballard, Adele DeWitt - [R Rating] - [11,403 words] - Spencer Reid discovers someone uncannily familiar while on a case in California. He has to find her again, but isn’t expecting things to go so far…
Neighborly - [Firefly/Supernatural] - Mal, Zoe, Jayne, Dean, Sam, Bobby, Ellen, Jo, Castiel, Anna - [PG-13] - [1,609 words] - Malcom Reynolds finds out that the crew of the Impala, captained by one Dean Winchester, is honing in on a job of his. That just won't do.
Free-Falling - [Fringe/Heroes] - Luke Campbell, Peter Bishop, Olivia Dunham, Astrid Farnsworth, and Walter Bishop - [PG-13] - [6,207 words] - The Fringe division is looking for a microwaving boy. Luke Campbell is not a criminal mastermind. Peter Bishop is not an FBI agent. But they both need someone to listen.
Balance of Terror (and Zombies) - [Supernatural/Star Trek] - Dean, Sam, Castiel; McCoy, Spock, Kirk (mostly gen, hints of Kirk/Spock) - [R rating] - [6,204 words] - Sam, Dean, and Castiel encounter some mysterious strangers, one of whom is experiencing some scarily familiar symptoms.
Stolen Soul - [Supernatual/Dollhouse] - Sam/Dean, Castiel, Topher, Adele, Boyd, Paul Ballard, Echo, Victor, Sierra - [NC-17] - [12,032 words] - Dean is stolen and taken to the Dollhouse to prevent him from ever fulfilling his destiny. Sam has to try to find him while he and Castiel attempt to avert Apocalyptic signs from destroying the city. Meanwhile, the inhabitants of the Dollhouse find their newest member may have more to him than his story suggests.
The Tell-Tale Heart - [Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along-Blog] - Dr. Horrible, Spike - [PG-13] - [2,155 words] - Spike goes to Dr. Horrible to see if he can get his damned chip removed. The price he’s asked to pay is not something he’s prepared for.
Listen That Thou May Hear - [Heroes/Fringe] - Sylar, Olivia Dunham - [PG-13] - [1,371 words] - Sylar and Olivia can hear everything, including each other, no matter how far apart they are.
Profile - [Heroes/Criminal Minds] - Nathan Petrelli, Aaron Hotchner - [PG rating] - [2,389 words] - Nathan needs someone to help him discover who’s behind a series of mysterious deaths, and he finds just the man for the job. But what agent Hotchner discovers is perhaps more than Nathan intended…
Karma - [Heroes/Watchman] - Peter/Rorschach - [NC-17, non-con] - [822 words] - Rorschach met a man this evening, and had to teach him a lesson…
Big Damn Heroes, Part 1 and Big Damn Heroes Casting Choices - [Firefly/Heroes fusion] - Heroes cast - [PG-13 rating] - [6,397 words] - Heroes crew the freighter Serenity as they try to do the simplest thing in the verse, keep flying no matter what is thrown at them. Or who.
My Brothers' Keepers - [Supernatural/Heroes] Nathan/Dean/Peter/Sam slash (in several combinations) - [NC-17, multiple warnings] - [63,000+ words, plus an additional 12,000 words in special features and bonus/deleted scenes] - co-authored with brighteyed_jill, sequel to brighteyed_jill’s The Secret’s in the Telling - Sam and Dean discover demons have been possessing people with special abilities that have nothing to do with magic. Peter draws a future that reunites him and Nathan with the Winchester brothers. Together they find out that specials--people whose powers come from an unusual inherited gene-- are being targeted for possession by a woman who is on the verge of breaking one of the sixty-six seals.
Wait for Danger - [Supernatural/Heroes] - Dean/Peter slash, [NC-17, knifeplay, bloodplay] - [4,097 words] - companion piece for brighteyed_jill’s The Secret’s in the Telling - Peter meets up with Dean in a bar, and he has it bad for what only Dean can give him...
Civilized - [Supernatural/Heroes] - Nathan/Sam slash [NC-17] - [3,726 words] - companion piece for brighteyed_jill’s The Secret’s in the Telling - When their brothers instruct them to "have fun," Nathan and Sam decide to be civilized about it.

August 2010, part 1 and August 2010, part 1 - Heroes, Leverage, Supernatural, Criminal Minds, Dollhouse, Torchwood, Leverage/Heroes, Leverage/Castle, Criminal Minds/Supernatural, Toy Story/WALL-E
September 2010 - Firefly, Iron Man (movie), Supernatural, Torchwood, CSI:NY, Leverage, Star Trek: Voyager, Criminal Minds/Bones
October 2010 - Leverage, Supernatural, Firefly, Criminal Minds, Dollhouse/Dr. Who
November - Supernatural, Torchwood, Criminal Minds, Firefly
December - Criminal Minds, Heroes, Supernatural, Firefly, Torchwood, Leverage, Firefly/Leverage, Firefly/Supernatural
January 2011 - Supernatural, Sherlock (BBC), Star Trek, Inception
February 2011 - Criminal Minds, Lost, original fiction, Lovecraft Cthulhu mythos/Fringe, Supernatural/Leverage, Inception, Star Trek, Firefly, Evil Dead trilogy, Chuck, The Matrix/Lost
March 2011 - Criminal Minds/NCIS/Leverage, Fringe
April 2011 - Firefly
May 2011 - Leverage, Sherlock (BBC), Evil Dead/Buffy the Vampire Slayer, White Collar/Inception

Original Fiction
Maria - [PG-13] - [1,000 words] - A simple repair turns into a conversation across a locked door in the middle of nowhere. In space. (For the prompt: "Access Denied.")
The Tree of Life - [PG] - [993 words] - A teaching story for the children, about how everyone climbs the Tree of Life. (For the prompt: "Deny your desires and you will find what your heart longs for." — Saint John of the Cross)
The Biggest Liar - [PG] - [1,000 words] - A contest held in a woodland clearing for the biggest liar amongst all the animal kingdom. (For the prompt: "deception.")
The Alpha Star - [PG] - [903 words] - She knew the litany from birth, that she would seek the Alpha Star, first and eternal… (For the prompt: "alpha.")
Icarus - [PG-13] - [497 words] - Do you think Icarus was foolish? (For the prompt: "now or never.")
Mayfly - [PG-13] - [396 words] - What would you want to do, on your last day in the light? (For the prompt: "last day")
Stream Of Consciousness From A Drop Of Milk - [PG rating] - [542 words] - The life and times of a drop of milk. (For the prompt: "finally")
Eve - [PG-13] - [1,125 words] - A father would do anything to save his daughter. (For the prompt: "He who fights with monsters might take care lest he thereby become a monster." — Friedrich Nietzsche.)
The Ghosts' Green Room - [PG] - [420 words] - The Ghosts of Past, Present, and Future watch TV together. (For the prompt: "Write the story of the Christmas Carol but make it unique somehow from the original story")
The Thrift Store - [PG] - [532 words] - A conversation between a rocking chair and a teapot. (For the prompt: "[character] has a midlife crisis")
The Gargoyle - [PG-13] - [658 words] - The gargoyle was created to repel evil spirits from the castle it protected. (For the prompt: "abandoned")
Westward Ho - [PG-13] - [436 words] - Shawna tries to steer her family the right way. (For the prompt: “If you are going through hell, keep going” – Winston Churchill
The Kraken - [PG-13] - [1,000 words] - The sea has always been waiting for Amanda. (For the prompt: "change")

A Depressing Story (To the Bullies of My Childhood) - A story of how and why I became depressed (and how you might recognize depression, deal with it yourself, or help another cope).
Jesus Complex or Anatomical Necessity - Religious imagery in TV and film.
Drawing a Line in the Squick - What kinks I will and won’t write, and why.
Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog - My thoughts on Joss Whedon’s “Dr Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog.”

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