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Heroes Big Boom

So, I'm thinking about doing the heroes_bigboom. But what shall I write? Give me some insight, dear flist, if you have any to spare!

Some things I DON'T want to write

Just to be contrary, I'm going to list a few things I'd rather not do. Crossovers, for one. I can do a crossover for any number of other big bangs, and for this Big Boom, I'd rather stick to just Heroes. Also I'd rather not do a sole single-couple romance. I tend to go for somewhat bigger plots *waves arms dramatically* and compact romances aren't my style. And finally, I don't want to do an AU without powers. I like people's powers!

Some things I've been thinking about writing

A sequel to Gladiators - my ancient Rome AU where some of our favorite Heroes are gladiator slaves. I've been pondering a sequel to that story for a while, with not only Nathan/Peter, but maybe a bit of Sylar/Luke, along with political power plays, bloody arena fights, and hot, sweaty almost dub-con orgies.

Post-Jump fic - Set after Claire's jump at the end of Season 4. Though I've written a couple of fics where people get right to the point of talking about the practicalities of living in a world with people that have extraordinary abilities, I've always wussed out from actually exploring that in detail. Like, seriously, when someone can punch through walls or change someone's thoughts, how do you change the laws to handle that? It's a pickle, no doubt.

A sequel to Moneypenny - Sylar and Luke as FBI agents. Possibly also meeting up with the Petrelli brothers. They handle Special-related crime. And stuff happens.

Heroes in spaaaaaaaaaaaaaace! 'Cause who doesn't love space? Maybe the Heroes were all frozen and shot into space and someone finds them centuries later and they seriously fuck up the future.

A sequel to Get Your Money's Worth, the slave!fic universe I made for a heroes_exchange fic. Luke/Lyle trying to find their way together in a very different world where Specials are in charge.

Or maybe something entirely different, dear flist. Lend me your ideas! I'm a multishipper and an AU lover, so go ahead and suggest sommat off the wall! :D
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