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In Her Eyes

Title: In Her Eyes
Author: jaune_chat
Fandom: Supernatural
Characters/Pairing: Jo Harvelle/Pamela Barnes
Rating: PG -13
Word Count: 691
Spoilers: Vague S4
Warnings: Mention of injury
Disclaimer: Supernatural is owned by Kripke, CW, et al.
Notes: This was written for tiptoe39’s birthday!
Summary: Jo comes to see Pamela after she saw Castiel.

Jo swallowed as she approached the hospital bed, the package in her hands feeling unaccountably heavy.


Pamela turned towards her, the smile on her face a contradiction to the bandage around where her eyes had been.

“Fuck, what did those bastard Winchesters do to you?” Jo demanded. She knew the what, but she needed to hear the why.

“Don’t worry about it. Part of it was my own stubborn ass,” Pamela said.

“I like your ass,” Jo muttered. Pamela bared her teeth playfully.

“The Winchesters put temptation in my path. When Bobby Singer says you’re the best, you hate to disappoint, even when you already know it.”

“Can I still call them bastards?” Jo asked.

“Oh honey, we can do worse than that. I’m more than a little sore at them.”

Jo giggled and put the package on Pamela’s lap. “Got something for you.”

Pamlea flicked open the latch on the small box and ran her fingers over the smooth surface of the glassy eyes within.

“Ah, now I can get dressed.”

“Well… you don’t have to,” Jo said, reaching out to twine her fingers through Pamela’s long hair.

“The nurse will be making her rounds in a few minutes, otherwise I’d take you up on it.”

Pamela got up, walking across the hospital room with complete confidence, her hospital gown not tied in back for Jo’s viewing pleasure. After a few long minutes she returned, clothed, her hair brushed and loose, her new shining white eyes staring right through Jo. Jo caught her breath, and Pamela smiled as she walked right to her, hugging her hard.

“Don’t be scared, hon.”

“I’m not,” Jo insisted, trying to make her voice firm and resolute.

“I’m not going anywhere, I swear. Sam, Dean, and Castiel and all his haloed buddies can hang for all I care; I’m not tangling with them again.” She tugged at Jo’s hair, making her look right at her. “I’m not as much of a vindictive bitch as you are.” Her smirk made Jo break out into a delighted grin.

“You got me. I have a two-generation grudge against the Winchesters, but they can hang too.” Jo moved up to kiss as Pamela closed her eyes. The first kiss fell on the delicate eyelid, then the second kiss on the other side. Only then did Jo brush her lips against Pamela’s.

“Maybe we can staple Sam and Dean to the wall and they can watch,” Pamela said, descending to kiss Jo softly through her laughter. “Best place to hang them, don’t you think?”

“No!” Jo giggled, feeling the soft crush of Pamela’s breasts against hers through their clothing.

“Why not? They wouldn’t be able to touch…” Pamela’s fingers dove under the hem of Jo’s shirts and caressed across the taut skin of her stomach. “They’d have to see what they’d never get, never feel.” Her nails scratched lightly as she circled Jo’s navel teasingly.

“They already took too much from you. They don’t get anything,” Jo said stubbornly, her kiss sliding down Pamela’s neck even as her stomach tensed against Pamela’s touch, her breathing pushing her deeper and farther away from her lover’s fingers.

“I can take care of myself, sweetie,” Pamela whispered, her voice breathy as Jo’s lips and tongue traced the sensitive, vulnerable skin of her neck.

“I know, Lady Badass.”

It was Pamela’s turn to giggle as she brought both hands up to brush down the sides of Jo’s face. Her hands froze, exploring the new smooth stud earring that pierced the upper part of Jo’s ears.

“What’s this?”

Jo paused for a second in her kiss. “It’s for you. I wanted to look beautiful for you.”

Pamela paused and looked at Jo, seeing her in her mind’s eye. White glass glinted at the new piercings, just like the eyes Jo had brought her.

“Jo…” Pamela breathed her name, and cupped Jo’s face to bring her up for firm, satisfying kiss that left no doubt what she thought of them. “They’re perfect.”

Jo held the kiss as long as she had breath, feeling how she looked to Pamela’s eyes through every fiber of her body.
Tags: femslash, fic, jo harvelle, pamela barnes, supernatural

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