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Holiday Dreams of Bwah?

I just had a weird dream. I can't quite recall if in the dream I was fully participating with everything or if I was watching a TV show about it. But I recall the following things:

There was a long tracking shot around a busy office (the kind of long, continuous tracking shot you get when a director is being clever, hence why the TV show thing springs to mind). Around the office were the following things: Alton Brown and Ellen DeGenres playing D&D together at a cocktail party, a couple guys from some show that were being sent to the courthouse for some legal thing, a female intern/office runner that was sent with them, and I think someone, possibly the guys going to the courthouse, might have been in swim trunks.

I think that most of the people from the office, plus me, were then supposed to all go somewhere. I believe it may have been a submarine?

Then there was a chase up and down a long downtown city block, which I vaguely recognized as a cross between my hometown and Chicago. There were two versions of this chase, which both ended in the same way. I was trying to get past a co-worker of mine (and somehow simultaneously pack items to go with my on the journey I was going to take once I got past him). Someone else (a female and blonde) was walking on a ledge above my head and jumped down to save me/distract this co-worker.

Then the co-worker rushed my savior with a cartoonishly big axe (even in the dream I realized how ludicrously outsized it was) and cut down, severing some big cable. This has the effect of destabilizing a heavy slab that had been suspected over the street, which falls and slides. In one version of the dream, he cuts the cable and then it jumps to the aftermath, where the slab had gone down the street away from us. In the other version, the slab goes towards my co-worker and squashes him (but I and my savior are fine).

Oh, and at some point at running from my crazy co-worker I remember going by an old, beat-up cookie stand/store that was set up like one might be in a sports arena, but along the street. I distinctly remember that they sold chocolate chip cookies and that their oven was broken. They had a sign up that said the oven only got to 165 degrees F when it was supposed to be "hot" and 336 degrees when it was supposed to be super-hot or something. And they were trying to raise money for a new oven.

Brain, WTF? Alton Brown and Ellen DeGenres playing D&D together at a cocktail party?
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