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Sherlock Flailing - Hounds of the Baskervilles

Fangirl squee and some SPOILERS below!

So, saw it on Tuesday. Squeed like a squeeing thing.

Things I was thinking the director was saying during this episode:

"Benedict, stand up there on those rocks and look pensive and stoic! Coat flapping in the breeze, yes, good, and wind flirting in you hair, excellent. Cut, print!"

"Benedict, stalk around with your white shirt half open!"

"Benedict, wardrobe change to the dark purple shirt; we need some contrast to your skin!"

"Benedict, stare into this bright light so we can simulate a computer screen Sherlock will be pondering while silmultaneously getting an extravagently long shot of your insanely beautiful eyes!"


Other things -

John getting to pull rank - Love! Him and Sherlock getting to double-team the Baskerville staff was awesome. I love it when John gets to participate voluntarily. Also, John's own investigation turning out to be the local lover's lane - snerk! (Though him knowing Morse off the top of his head, hot!)

When Sherlock was so incredibly frightened, the head-canon part of me wanted to skip to the part where John hauled Sherlock upstairs and "dealt" with his new-found fear. Oh la la!

Lestrade showing up was love. Huh, the DI travels with a gun? Kinky.

Too, seeing Midshipman Alonso Frame (from the Doctor Who Christmas special "Voyage of the Damned") was awesome. Go-go team Moffat-Gatiss for tapping the Doctor Who casting pool!

There was a real and palpable feeling of fear in this episode, so well done there.

Sherlock seeing Moriarty as his deepest fear gave me quite a shock. And there, at the end... OMG! And a bit of confusion. One, Mycroft had Moriarty in custody? Two, Moriarty has been going obsessed-crazy? Three, why the hell was he let go?! WHY?!

On a lighter note -

Sherlock drugging John - oh, you bastard. If John slips something in your tea later, it will be well-deserved.

Sherlock sorting through the various permutations of Liberty, IN reminded me of those scenes in Minority Report where Tom Cruise's character was sorting through those dream images on the computer. Except Benedict didn't even have the prop of a glass wall to play against.

Directorial command - "Benedict, I need you to visualize Sherlock's mind! And then act it out!"

I want to be a fly on the wall on set when they're giving Benedict directions for all the crazy shit Sherlock does.
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