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Exactly As Advertised!

Ok, so I do like to try new recipes every now and then. This is one I found over at WIN! (The WIN! section of failblog.org.) It's for bacon-wrapped eggs. Allow me to repeated that. Bacon-wrapped eggs. Observe below in the link below, with food-porn music!

Bacon-Wrapped Eggs!

And the really great thing? You know how when you make something you see on TV, it never looks as good? These looked as good or better than the video. That almost never happens. w00t!

I used both goat cheese and cheddar on my eggs. The goat cheese added this great tangyness. I used rosemary, thyme, and dill, and the herby flavor really made this dish great. It like a quiche, except the crust is made of bacon. What's not to love? NOTHING! :D
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