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Drabble Dump - March Edition!

All right everyone, drabbles! A little waff, a boatload of haikus, and one little dystopian AU for a relatively new fandom. Enjoy!

Doctor Who, Nine/Rose/Jack, There were halcyon days, when space is infinite and beautiful, where there is love and life and joy and no thoughts of darkness, no inkling that this might not last forever. Just a connection that, like them, exists outside the laws of time and space.

Instant of Eternity – Doctor Who, Nine/Rose/Jack, PG

See, despite popular belief and heaps of evidence to the contrary, Jack Harkness does not have intercourse with everything that says yes. He's been to planets where the ultimate form of physical affection is touching someone's ear, or braiding one's hair together with a partner. One planet even considered eye contact longer than ten seconds to be a tantamount declaration and consummation of marriage.

If that holds true here, Jack has been in a threesome for three solid hours. That's a personal best, particularly when fully clothed.

And he doesn't mind a damn bit. Because right here, right now, he's got a Time Lord on his right, and a 21st-century girl on his left, and they're cocooned from time and space and every hardship thereof. Three hours of smiles, little anecdotes, and staring right into the windows of the soul, easy and quiet and relaxing. There's no challenging here, just hands touching, eyes watching, and feeling safe and loved together.

Jack figures he could stay here for eternity.

"In a way, we are," the Doctor reminds him. The TARDIS hums in sympathy, cradling them in her grasp. Rose flashes him that bright grin of hers, both of them fill up his sight, and he surrenders to another instant of eternity with two people he loves.

Marvel, Any, Avengers

It's a motley crew
They compliment each other
Even with Stark's ego

Chuck, Chuck, age of the Geek

Video games? Boss.
Spycraft like Call of Duty.
Geek skills save my life.

Supernatural/Grimm, Nick + Cas, What does an angel look like to a Grimm?

Wesen's dark forms
But Cas so bright to my sight
What creature is he?

Any, any, sunflowers
Doctor Who, Vincent Van Gogh

They look sad to me
Dark eyes staring in the sky
Captured for Amy

Any, any, arch
Firefly, Wash/Zoe

Back rises up high
Meeting him to join as one
Loves the way she moves

Any, any, spiral

Gone too far inside
Can't find myself within you
Why so empty, please?

Grimm, Nick, Hank finds out
Grimm, Nick and Hank

"They're all monsters?"
"Pretty much that's what's going on."
"Explains a lot, then."

Any, any, siblings
Firefly, Simon and River

Simon saved River
Never any doubt he would
They're family

Any, any, swear jar
Leverage, team

Latest job had kids
Had to keep comm channels clean
Nate ended up broke

Any, any, stealth
Heroes, Claude

Finding the shadows
Silence is ever my friend
No one can see me

Any, any, job
Supernatural, Bobby

Best job in the world
Keeping the idjits from harm
Like sons of my own

Any, any, chase
Firefly, Wash

Gotta love them folks
Who think they can hunt us down
Let's moon 'em, suckers!

Any, any, future
Supernatural, Dean

Wish I could see past
tomorrow's dawn, and have faith
But am blind to hope

Grimm, Nick/any, Full out war breaks out between humans and non-humans and safe zones are set up for humans; turns out grimms can't enter safe zones any more than any other non-human creature.
The Burden - Grimm, Nick and Hank, PG-13

Nick's heart was pounding, his lungs were on fire, and there was a pain like a knife in his side. But he didn’t stop, didn’t dare, not with a Blutbod on his and Hank's tail. They’d managed to lose him through the rubble in the city center a good dozen blocks back, but his sense of smell was good enough to track them. Particularly when he had managed to draw Nick's blood. The wound wasn't bad, but blood was unmistakable.

"Almost there!" Hank's yell was labored, but he didn’t slow either. One more block, just one more...

"That's it!" Nick called, pointing ahead at the barricade. Overturned buses and barbed wire, along with other rubble, made the physical defenses, but the real protection was the sigils painted and carved on the ground under them. It was what kept the Wesen out, all of them. And it was the only thing that was going to keep humans safe. The Wesen were no longer content to hide in the shadows, not anymore.

A lookout spotted them and shouted down to the gatekeepers. They rolled back the metal gate and yelled encouragement, gesturing at them to come in.

"Come on, almost there, hurry up!"

Hank put on an extra burst of speed and flew over the threshold ahead of Nick. Nick followed, hearing the howl of the Blutbod behind him, and bounced off the suddenly-solid air with a feeling like he'd just hit red-hot metal. Gasping, he rolled and picked himself up slowly, blessing all his lucky stars that he hadn't knocked himself out. He looked up, and his heart sank when he saw all the other people staring at him like he was some suddenly-revealed danger, a snake found under a rock.

"You're one of them!" someone said.

"No!" Nick said, pushing himself to his feet, ignoring the blossoming bruises all over his body. "I'm-."

"You couldn't get in." A woman with a shotgun raised it to point at his chest. "I saw you. You bounced right off the protections. You're not human."

"I'm not, I'm not a Wesen! Hank, come on, you know me!" Nick yelled desperately. The Blutbod was close now, and closing in fast, Nick could hear it.

But Hank's face was drained of color, fear and betrayal and anger crossing it in quick succession. He didn't move, didn't tell the woman to stop pointing a gun at his partner. He didn't say anything.

"Please!" Nick stepped forward and put his hand towards the protections, ignoring the raised shotgun, and quickly pulled it back, his palm scorched. His heart turned to ice. No.

The Blutbod charged into the end of the street, nose up, and zeroed in on Nick, vulnerable outside the protections. Nick had run out of bullets yesterday, but he'd had enough time to grab a few things from the trailer. Nick dropped his backpack to the ground and pulled out the small morningstar, dropping into a fighting stance. He had to prove what side he was on. Had to do something to change those brutal, accusing stares...

The Blutbod ran straight for him, covering the ground faster than any Olympic sprinter, eyes glowing red and fangs extended for the kill. Nick watched, knowing he would only get one clean shot, and dodged at the last possible second, smelling the rangy odor as he was missed by a hair. Twisting, Nick rammed the shaft of the morningstar down on the Blutbod's back, right above the iliac crest, flooring the Wesen easily. He wouldn't be moving under his own power for a long time.

Breathing hard, Nick turned back to the gate, seeing astonishment overlaying that terrible accusation. Nick wouldn't kill him though, not yet; he wasn't ready to burn all his bridges. Not when Monroe was still out there.

"I'm a Grimm," he said, hand gripping the morningstar hard enough to hurt. "I can see them for what they are, resist their powers. I know how to hunt them. You need me!"

Please. Hank, say something!

Hank didn't move. Nick wasn't sure if Hank was breathing. He didn't say a word. Not a damn thing. The woman with the gun lowered her weapon and rummaged beside the gate. She tossed a bag outside, and an apple rolled out of the open mouth. Food. She'd given him food.

"Then you hunt them. Out there." She gestured with her gun, waving back the way he'd come. "Maybe you can help us. But you can't come in. We can't trust you. Only humans in here. You understand?"

Understand. Nick understood. He wasn’t welcome here. Wasn’t welcome with the Wesen. He was too good at hunting them to live with them. Not human enough to stay with the people he’d counted as friends. Not enough of either world.

The ancient weapon bumped against Nick’s leg, a symbol of his inadvertent calling, his life’s work. He was meant to straddle the line between two worlds, to make sure neither spilled over into the other’s, he and the other Grimms. Somehow they’d failed. And this was the price.

Nick picked up the food and his backpack, keeping the morningstar in his hand defiantly. He looked straight at Hank, still unmoving and silent, as he shouldered his burden and finally turned away.
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