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Drabble Dump - April!

Just one comment fic this month, 'cause there was Five Acts, don't cha know!

Hunger Games, Cinna, pride
Glowed - Hunger Games, Cinna, PG

He was the last one who touched her before she left the real world for the hell of the Games. His words are the last she would hear before the countdown for her life began. He wished with all his heart that it wasn't so.

He picked District 12 before Katniss Everdeen had volunteered. He'd asked for 12 because he was tired of seeing them disregarded and mocked, slaughtered without even the dignity of someone trying to treat them well. A little bit of style outside could give someone confidence, put them in the mindset of a winner, instead of feeling like a mockery.

He'd wanted them to feel that pride. And when he'd seen the spirit of the girl who'd volunteered for her sister, all he wanted to do was give her all the armor he could craft. The fact that the Capitol gasped and cheered when she came out in the chariot on fire was nothing, her interview dress helping her without words she didn't want to speak, that didn't matter. It was Katniss opinion that mattered. And she had glowed from within.

He'd never felt more pride when he'd kissed her goodbye, and could tell her truly he was betting on her.
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