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Gabriel's Decision - the heavy breathing section

This is actually a scene that will go in later in the story I posted previously, Gabriel's Decision.  But it was extremely insistant on being written right this instant, so I had to do it.  And I think it came out pretty well.  If you've read the previous story, this should pretty much make sense, though I want to write a little more to build up to this scene.  Obviously AU for after Kindness of Strangers.  Please observe all warnings below.  This contains things some may find objectionable.  

Title: Gabriel's Decision - More Than One Way
Characters: Gabriel, Maya, Alejandro
Rating:  NC-17.  Contains hardcore sex M/M/F, so if you're not old enough and/or that's not your bag, don't read!  Also is very angsty.

Teaser:  Let her damn herself, if she's so eager.


Gabriel stared at the wall, watching the faint strip of light from the streetlight outside glaring off the cheap painting beside the bed. He should be pleased; this was their first night in relative freedom. Fourth night in America, and the first one they had felt safe enough to get a hotel room.
Well, not actually pay for a hotel room. That would have required the use of one the credit cards, and that could have brought police. Instead Gabriel had just filched a key from behind the desk while Maya asked for directions. Relentless drilling had given her a few phrases she could say without any appreciable accent; it was what had gotten them past the border checkpoint. That and a few extra tricks. 
Gabriel had found more uses for his last remaining power than he had thought possible. A quick study at the possible crossing points and he knew which one would be the most advantageous for them. Not so much traffic that they’d be stuck under scrutiny for hours, yet not so little they’d be memorable. A place where less able officers were stuck to broil under the noonday sun. 
To add to that, a quick stop by a tourist motel had gotten them luggage, clothes, and passports he could quickly convert into something approximating their own. It was a cheap and dirty switch involving pictures from a filched Polaroid camera, but the officers had been bored, and Maya and Alejandro had been dressed in the suits they had gotten out of the luggage. Looking halfway respectable, they had managed to pass muster. Gabriel had snorted in derision for the officers once they had cleared the checkpoint. No wonder there was such a problem with illegal immigration.
Four days of sleeping in the car, paying for gas and food only in cash, and two cases of stolen luggage later, they had managed to find a place to rest properly. Exhaustion from diving in shifts had taken its toll on all of them, and the fact that their appropriated hotel room had only one large bed hadn’t deterred them from falling into it without delay. If he had been inclined, Gabriel would have kissed the pillow.
He wasn’t sure what time it was when he woke up again, but he was staring at the wall as if it would tell him why. 
Ah, someone was breathing on either side of him.
Tired as they all were, Alejandro had still made sure he was lying between Gabriel and his sister. Alejandro was still trying to act to protect his sister, even if he had granted Gabriel a measure of trust during their journey. At this point Gabriel thought it was automatic, a genetic drive manifesting through their twin-bond. Surely Maya had prevented him from being short with Alejandro sometimes… But something had changed, because now Gabriel was in the middle. Interesting.
The breathing shifted a little in front of him.
He dropped his eyes from the wall to the figure next to him. The dim light glinted off of long hair, showing him it was Maya. Had she gotten up in the night? She must have, and then crawled in beside him instead of her brother. That was surely significant. It usually was when things like this happened.
She was watching him, and watching him watching her. He remained quiet and still, not knowing what she wanted. It reminded him of hunting, when he had watched the special ones for hours or even days on end, figuring out their powers, their habits, their ways, so he could take what he wanted from them.
The burning injustice that he was stuck with two he could not have still infuriated him, but he kept in under wraps. It served no purpose.
He watched as she slowly reached out a hand and ran it down the side of his face, tracing his jaw, flowing up over his lips and sliding along them before withdrawing. Gabriel swallowed suddenly as her fingers left an odd tingling behind them, not unpleasant, but simply very different. 
She couldn’t possibly want… Her brother’s in the same bed! 
No one had been interested, that way, with Gabriel Gray. And as Sylar, carnal pleasure had been irrelevant to the power he had been gaining. What was sex compared with the ability to level an entire city if he wanted to? 
What does she want?
He didn’t move, didn’t protest, and her hand returned, warm and soft, to trace along his face. He simply watched her, accepting her touch, as she eased closer, close enough so he could feel her breath on his face. Her lips closed on his, firmly pressing, moving, warm and almost sweet…
He let himself go with it, moving with her, taking what she offered, heeding the heat curling in his belly. He didn’t move his hands though, not when she moved one hand over his shirt, tracing his bones and muscles, her nails scraping the thin material over his nipples.
He gasped when that happened, at the unexpected pleasure that arced through him like electricity. It wasn’t the return of his powers, it had none of the internal fire of the radiation, but he liked it all the same. Maya eased her tongue past his lips, slowly, gently, tasting him, and he relaxed into her mouth. The heat was starting to build, and he could feel his blood beginning to pulse hard.
No, it wasn’t his powers returning, but it made him feel special, and he wouldn’t let that feeling go.
Maya’s hand closed on his and drug it closer, pulling it gently under her shirt and circling it around a soft breast. She took her own hand away as he took over, squeezing, circling, touching, her skin hot and soft, her nipple hard and sensitive. She gasped into his mouth as he pinched her soft flesh, but didn’t pull away. Inwardly smiling, Gabriel realized that intuitive adaptation worked in ways that he had never imagined. He knew exactly how this would work.
Amazing, that it should be Gabriel that had this happen to him. His luck was turning for fair.
Maya kept her mouth sealed on him as she tugged them both upright, breaking away briefly to tug her shirt over her head. Gabriel looked in appreciation as her breasts caught the faint light, pale tan and large enough to fill his palms. Meeting her eyes, he could see tears standing out in them, even as she leaned into his touch. He could see the gleam of her gold cross standing out clearly at her breastbone, and pressed his other thumb hard on the pendant. Tears spilled over onto Maya’s cheeks as his hand kept caressing over her breasts, even as the cross imprinted on her chest.
Beautiful, he thought, dropping his head where his hands had traced, his mind and body buzzing with heat and power. Her hands closed on his head even as he felt drops of moisture spill onto his hair. Those weren’t tears of happiness, not by any means, but Gabriel did not care. At all.
He could feel blood pounding in his flesh when he returned to her lips, now damp with sweat, saliva, and tears. She still initiated the kiss, and he let her slip into his own mouth. Let her damn herself, if she’s so eager.
A hand clamped down on his shoulder, and Gabriel turned with deliberate slowness. Alejandro’s face was nearly unreadable in the dim light, and for a moment Gabriel braced himself for a punch. Surely Alejandro was going to take exception to someone feeling up his sister in the same bed in which he was sleeping. Particularly when that someone was their traveling partner, mastermind, and mentor that he hadn’t trusted initially. Revenge was certainly the first thing on his mind.
Those thoughts flitted through his mind as several things crossed Alejandro’s face. Pain, sorrow, shame, acceptance, and hunger chased each other to be followed briefly by a straggler that helped explain a lot; lust.
So when Alejandro kissed him instead of punching him, Gabriel wasn’t quite surprised. He was harder, more confident, stronger than Maya, with the rasp of his beard adding a different dimension of sensation. Maya’s lips dropped to his neck, and Gabriel soaked in both of the feelings, drawing in their whys and wherefores with every caress.
Maybe they had always wanted each other, but would not cross that crucial line. Twins, alike in desires, passions, temperaments complimenting each other, a whole life of experience in common, and separated always from this kind of bond by ancient taboos and the guilt of God.
Gabriel was their angel, in more ways than one. An acceptable compromise, a flexible line that they could cross, someone they both could want. A way to do what otherwise could not be done. Gabriel understood their powers, wanted to help them, wasn’t afraid of them, and certainly wasn’t immune to what they were offering.
For a minute he stood outside himself and drank in a draught of pure power, something even better than telekinesis, than radiation, memory, or hearing. He held their souls in his hand, to crush or to spare as he chose. He was a bridge above an otherwise uncrossable chasm, and he could take whatever he wanted as the toll. If he gave in to the heat building in his flesh, if he took them as far as he wanted, they would be his for all time.
The decision was easy; Gabriel had never been afraid of power. And he wouldn’t even have to crack any skulls for it.
When the twins pulled back, Gabriel fixed his eyes on Alejandro, knowing what he wanted was even harder; guilt of his upbringing might hold him back without a bit of encouragement. They were both watching him, uncertain that he wouldn’t reject them, that he wouldn’t shatter their dreams with a single word…
“More,” Gabriel growled, and Alejandro’s kiss nearly bruised him in return. The pace became more frantic as clothes were discarded, hands skimming over planes of muscle and bone. Maya’s fingers hesitated, echoing her brother’s, as they found the healing cut on his back and chest.
“Gabriel, what?”
“Don’t ask,” he said firmly, running one hand back along Alejandro’s muscled thigh, feeling the heavy weight of the man’s hardened cock poking into his back. Pain was inevitable, but for what he was going to gain, entirely acceptable. Alejandro bit back a gasp, and Maya leaned back a little, lean bare legs opening to him.
Smooth, sweet, the heady scent of her as she opened was intoxicating. Gabriel drank it in, his other hand running up the inside of her knee, skipping lightly over the curls at the base of her belly before bracing himself on the bed with both hands. Power or no, his flesh was more than ready, hard and full. He paused only for a second, enough for Maya to roll a second skin onto his cock, her fingers burning and making him twitch.  God knew they had stolen enough luggage to probably have a whole assortment of sexual paraphernalia.
 He couldn’t wait, and sank in, gasping as Maya’s head arched back, her cheeks wet with tears even as she thrust up to meet him. He nearly lost it right then and there, close, hot, wet, and tight, and no matter what he was trying to do, his body wanted to betray him…
Not now, not when he was so close. He needed to counteract the fire and pleasure surging through his groin. Twisting, he reached back for Alejandro, only to find his hand nearly crushed as the man wrapped his arms around his waist, clutching them together hard. 
“Come on. Do it,” Gabriel whispered insistently. Almost immediately one hand dropped back and low, fingers slippery with lubrication, as they entered Gabriel from behind. Relaxation was nearly impossible with Maya tight around him, and he thrust involuntarily to escape those questing fingers. Maya gasped, and Alejandro moved with him, harder and further in. In a small quiet corner of Gabriel’s mind, he wondered where the hell Alejandro had learned that.
Pain burned as Alejandro moved his fingers in farther, then faded as Gabriel’s body adjusted. He let out a strangled gasp and firmly tried to take control of himself as Alejandro pulled his fingers out, only to replace it with his covered cock. Slow, he went slow, but it still burned.
Gabriel felt a shiver seize him as pleasure flared from his groin but his ass burned with pain. Caught between heaven and hell. And guess how they feel. Savage pleasure that had nothing to do with his flesh roared through his mind as Alejandro pushed further and further in, waiting for Gabriel to relax around him each time. 
“Come on,” Gabriel whispered again, repressing a yell when Alejandro slammed in the last little bit, hitting something that nearly had him gone in an instant. The pleasure shook him, and he felt the heat in his belly flare to encompass his entire body. Maya sat up, clutching him around his neck, as Alejandro crushed his arms around waist. Despite the fact they were only inches away, separated by Gabriel’s body, they did not touch. Maya’s feet arced away from Alejandro’s thighs, and her brother’s hands remained tight on Gabriel’s stomach, not touching her skin.
Together they moved, covering him, pressing him between them, and he nearly lost all of his air in their frantic push. Pain from Alejandro’s invasion was welcome, as it gave him a measure of control for what was otherwise becoming uncontrollable. He had never done this before, not ever, but for something like this-.
They pulled away again and pushed forward in tandem, and he hissed through his teeth at the feelings.
“Gabriel,” they whispered in ragged chorus. Drops of moisture spilled on his back from Alejandro. It was tears. Gabriel nearly lost it there, but gritted his teeth and made them an offer they couldn’t refuse.
“More,” he demanded, louder. Release, thrust, again, pleasure and pain blurring together as they cried out his name.
Again, harder, pressing together as hard as they dared, reaching for something they could never have, their breath hard on his neck and face, his name on their lips.
“Gabriel, Gabriel…” With each thrust together, harder and higher, Gabriel began to lose himself, not crying, but lost in the pleasure, the pain, and the power. Their abilities were his now, as surely as if he had cracked their skulls and taken them himself. He controlled their greatest secret, and with it, everything they had. They were his, always.
He arced and released as they closed in on him again, his body shaking, breath running out of him in a rush as heat and lightning played along his veins. It took them nearly screaming his name for him to remember who he was. Twice more they cried out, and then they came simultaneously, their pleasure nearly drowning him as they crushed him tight enough to bruise flesh and dislocate joints. And it was his name on their lips when they came. That was nearly enough to set him off again.
He didn’t ask why they were crying as they pulled away, even if it was silently. He simply went to the shower alone, but wasn’t surprised when Maya joined him. She was more interested in a wash than anything else, but clearly couldn’t be alone with her brother after that. He let her kiss him, and gently cleaned her face, but didn’t say a word. They clearly had said all that needed to be said just a few minutes ago, and to say anything more would be suicide. And that would be wasteful. Smiling, he left her to her own devices.
After all, there was more than one way to acquire power. 
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