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Oh, the Marvelous Strangeness of Fic [Or, A Rec!]

Ok, so y'all have probably noticed I've been kicking it over at avengerkink since May, filling prompts and whatnots. I've also made some of my own prompts, and gotten some good fills (which are in my memories). But I made this one kinda off-the-wall prompt on a whim and it got the most strangely marvelous fill.

The prompt I made was thus:

Clint + team - Clint has eyes for every occasion

Clint is called Hawkeye, and that's truer than most people know. You see, Clint is special. He has a whole collection of eyes for every occasion. Hawk eyes for accuracy, infrared eyes for tracking people at night, cat eyes for seeing in dim light, even a set of plain old human eyes he uses for nights out on the town. Somewhere in his room/nest is a shelf full of different eyes he uses, though he usually keeps a few sets on him, just in case. In truth, Clint is actually blind; he has no eyes of his own, just uses the various sets that he has. (Whether his ability to change out his eyes is science or magic or some kind of tech is up to you, dear author.)

Please show me the team's reaction when they find out! Are they intrigued? Disgusted? Just plain weirded out?

The Fill

AuthorAnon filled it with a Clint/Coulson + team (not my ship, but I'll totally take it for what ensued) story that involved some Cthulhu-esque hints of backstory, Phil being awesome, Thor totally getting it, and literal eyesex. I was pleasently squicked and laughing and creeped out and fist pumping virtually all at the same time as I was reading it.

It's completely weird; I love it. Take a gander!

An Eyeless Face
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