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Dungeons and Dragons Campaign - Forgotten Realms - Family Matters - Session 12

When we last left our intrepid heroes, they had a captured dark creeper and were trying to decide its fate. Given to the Watch, it could implicate the group in some shady dealings, set free, he would try to kill them, given to the Shadow Thieves, he'd end up dead assuming he didn't try to trade information on them first, and killed he wouldn't bother them... though killing him in cold blood was repugnant to most of the group.

The group argued amongst themselves, debating the merits of various options, when Shandri put in her own two coppers. It might be possible to redeem the dark creeper. There were a few religious orders in the city that redeemed the otherwise unredeemable, and who would not care about what he said. The Temple of Ilmater was famous for that, and the Order of Saint Alphone handled some of the most hopeless and difficult cases. Pondering that, the group decided that would be a good choice for their wayward captive. Garden and Charissa would take him there, while Shandri and William took the Jayrin golem to the Watch.

It was the third watch of the night by the time Garden, Charissa, and a knocked-out dark creeper in a wheelbarrow (Steven had taken great pleasure in knocking the fellow out) knocked on the door of the Order of Saint Alphone. After a few minutes, the gate opened. A vast floating sphere, large as a horse, filled all the available space. It had ten eyestalks around its crown that blinked at them, a huge central eye, closed, and a vast toothy maw, slightly open. It was a beholder, one of the most vile and ill-conceived monsters to have graced the waking world! The beholder stared at them, and in a deep voice said, "You rang?"

Once their hearts had calmed down and their pants had been changed, Garden and Charissa did recall that one of the advertisements of the Order of Saint Alphone was their "Before and After" pictures, one of which included this very beholder, whose affectionate nickname was "Lurch."

They explained about their erstwhile companion, and Lurch used his telekinetic eyestalk to lift the creature up and examine him. He said the Order had done many good deeds, and always worked hard to save a wayward soul. They'd be happy to take the dark creeper. When Garden brought up the notion of payment, Lurch said that doing a good deed was payment enough, but if they wished to donate to the church, he would be happy to accept. When brother and sister proffered their coins, Lurch, having no hands, stuck out his tongue to take their money, and spat it out in a donation box inside. Lurch noticed that Garden was hurt from the fight earlier that night, and hit him with a golden beam from one of his eyestalks, healing his wounds. Charissa felt she had to warn Lurch that the dark creeper was part of a gang, and they might take exception to their comrade being here. Lurch only grinned in a way that reminded both of them that beholders were considered extremely dangerous for a reason, and said few were willing to risk breaching the Order's walls.

Needing a drink of something, the Origamis quickly returned home.

William and Shandri went to the Watch Hall, abutting the Temple of Helm, and asked to speak to the Captain. (Before they went inside, Garden had climbed put a cut on the golem's cheek so it clearly showed it unnatural nature. Just in case someone managed to activate its memories, it would have a harder time of convincing people it was human.) They were able to speak to the UnderCaptain of the third watch, and told their story with a mind to the fact that they had... bent the law a little bit in their pursuit of justice. William said that his scholarly impulses had overcome his good sense when he went to the secret room of Yalla's shop (all the while Shadri was making evocative gestures behind William's head, corroborating his story), but he knew of Jayrin's description, and thought him having a wax golem could lead to nothing good. The UnderCaptain seemed to be honest, and more-or-less believed them (he didn't arrest them at any rate), so William wrote down the command words, and the UnderCaptain Craig said he would start another investigation into Jayrin's activities.

Content with that, the de Mers returned to their homes.

Evelyn decided to take the time to both do a good deed and get a good toehold into high society at the same time. She left a message for Lady Wands, and was invited to her house the next day. Once there, she told the Lady Wands that the two men most likely behind the Higharvestide debacle were said to be bastard sons of her house, which was why the House had been attacked. Also, that between her efforts and those of her friends, Geb had been forced to keep a low profile, and Jayrin was under investigation by the Watch. Those others who had helped him had either died, fled, or revealed themselves to the Lady (i.e. Charissa). Lady Wands looked upset, but not particularly surprised, and said her late husband had been a connoisseur of women. But now alerted to who was behind the attacks, the House could focus their attention on those directly responsible, and for that, she thanked Evelyn.

Those thanks came in a very tangible form over the next few weeks, as she received invitations to parties and gatherings she'd never been to before. Very high society things. It'll be like swimming with sharks. Evelyn was delighted.

With those responsible for the Higharvestide attack all neutralized one way or another, at least for a while, the group drifts apart for most of the month of Marponeth, tending to their own jobs, tasks, research, and other opportunities. But the Feast of the Moon is fast approaching, and considering what happened with the last big holiday, each member of the group has a sneaking suspicion that something is coming up, and soon...
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