jaune_chat (jaune_chat) wrote,

Master Post - Being Human

This is the master post for my Avengers (MCU) story series, Being Human. This all stemmed from a single prompt atavengerkink. "Loki tries to disable Tony's tech advantages, so he gives/makes Jarvis a human body (I imagine Paul Bettany). Jarvis deals with it as best he can but it's frightening."

If you want to read the whole series on Ao3, click here - Being Human on Ao3

Or if you prefer LJ, please see below!
1 - Genius
2 - Priorities
3 - Home
4 - Experience
5 - To Sleep, Perchance to Dream
6 - Something Like a Father, Something Like a God
7 - Naming of Names
8 - Where Sea Meets Sky
9 - Purpose
10 - Birthday
11 - Trials of Man
Tags: avengers, being human series, fic, jarvis

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