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Five Acts!

All rights ficcers! It's that time again, time to spread the porny love.

1. Post on your journal a list of five favorite kinks to read about, and the fandoms and pairings you enjoy.
2. Drop your info at the sign up post.
3. Check out the master list and write some comment fic for other folks and their kinks!

My Five Favorites (of right now, in no particular order)

1. Power issues - Alphas, D/s, bondage, power inequality, power games, control or loss of it. I love reading about people playing with dynamics, whether discovering their partner is a total dom/sub in bed, switching up the established roles, completely losing their shit or conversely keeping it together because of the relationship, that's all very sexy to me.

2. Sexual appetite or excess/multiple orgasms - Sex pollen, love spells, high sex drive, sex addiction or slutishness, neediness, begging, multiple partners, intense need to show affection from life or death scenario, non-stop sex, low refractory period, etc, they just gotta get right down to it! Blatant, unrestrained sexxors is a bulletproof kink of mine. Whether it's something unexpected, like sex pollen, or just someone with a high sex drive wanting to roll in the hay until the cows come home, it's all good. If the sex is wild and unrestrained, utterly necessary, and even loving in the midst of all that wantoness, that makes me happy in my happy place. A/B/O is very welcome in this category.

3. Body marking - Painting on the body, scars, tattoos. Ever since I saw the move The Pillow Book, I have had a bit of a thing for marking or drawing on the body. I also love people uncovering scars, swapping stories about them, etc., and beautiful or unexpected tattoos provide a gorgeous mental image.

4. Special powers and skills - Superhero powers; magical powers; telekinesis; shapeshifting; hyperdeveloped senses; combat expertise; sharpshooting; eidetic memory; computer hacking skills; thief skills; temporary gifts of power from drugs, alien devices, etc, repercussions of which could include delusions of godhood, dangerous physical or mental overload, and so on. Sex is fun. Sex turned up to 11 is even more fun! When the earth literally does move, or a partner can read the other's mind, or someone is particularly observant, or someone likes showing off their talents, I love it too. Whether someone is shooting fire out of their mouth or just showing their awesome ability to roll their tongue (dirty!), it's all good.

5. Talking and communication issues - Dirty talk or verbal seduction; sweet talking; reciting poetry; talking someone to orgasm; talking during sex; pillow talk; phone sex; speech becoming broken as one is aroused or upset; being inarticulate or articulate; aphasia; talking fast; miscommunication and misunderstandings in general; lack of a shared language; see also Silence; Clams; Voice fetishization. When people aren't falling into bed due to sex pollen, it's interesting to see how they communicate to either get there, or have fun while there. Vocal seduction or sweet talk is marvelous, dirty talking in bed is hot, mixed messages that end up in sexy times, or even people that can't talk and have to use physical means to express themselves is awesome.

(And a small addendum of other things, because I know this is five acts, but damn, I want to list everything: Adrenaline and crises (pre-, mid-, or post-crisis sex; speed-freaks or adrenaline junkies; near-death experiences; the shadow of impending death--hours, minutes, or moments; see also Situational engineering), Threesomes or moresomes.)

Fandoms and Pairings (Pairings are in no particular order)

Avatar - Jake/Neytiri

Criminal Minds - Prentiss/Rossi, JJ/Reid, Morgan/Reid

Firefly - Wash/Zoe, Mal/Inara, Simon/Kaylee, River/Jayne

Fringe - Olivia/Peter, Olivia/Astrid, Olivia/Alt!Charlie, Alt!Olivia/Alt!Lincoln, Olivia/Lincoln, or any threesome/moresome with the above!

Heroes - Nathan/Peter, Nathan/Noah, Peter/Sylar, Claire/Elle, Claire/Gretchen, Sylar/Claire, Sylar/Elle, Sylar/Eden, Luke/Elle, Adam/Peter, Adam/Sylar, Adam/Monica, Samuel/Lydia, Sylar/Maya, Matt/Daphne, Matt/Mohinder, Lydia/Edgar, Daphne/Edgar, Claire/Elle/Gretchen, Sylar/Luke, Seriously you can pretty much pair or triple up anyone on Heroes and I'll read it. The cast of made of teh SEXX.

Leverage - Eliot/Parker, Nate/Sophie, Parker/Hardison

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. - Fitz/Simmons, Triplett/Fitz/Simmons

Marvel Cinematic Universe - Tony Stark/JARVIS, Tony/Steve, Thor/Jane, Bruce/Betty, Tony/Pepper, Thor/Tony, Tony/Steve/Pepper, Clint/Thor, Clint/Natasha, Natasha/Steve, Clint/Natasha/Steve, Tony/Bruce, Bruce/Steve, Bruce/Clint, Steve/Bucky, OT6+

Pacific Rim - Raleigh/Mako, AU with any other pairing

Person of Interest - Shaw/Root

Sherlock (BBC) - Sherlock/John

Star Trek XI - Kirk/Spock, Kirk/McCoy, Spock/Uhura, McCoy/Chekov, Spock/McCoy, Kirk/Sulu, Sulu/Chekov, Spock/Sulu

Supernatural - Dean/Sam, Dean/Cas, Castiel/Crowley, Castiel/Anna, Dean/Anna, Crowley/Anna, Sam/Ruby

X-Men/X-Men First Class - Scott/Jean, Ororo/Logan, Erik/Charles, Erik/Mystique, Charles/Moira, Mystique/Azazel, Mystique/Hank, Erik/Angel

Crossovers - Yes please! A few special faves are Sylar (Heroes)/Reid (Criminal Minds), Elle (Heroes)/Parker (Leverage), Prentiss (Criminal Minds)/Inara (Firefly), Any combo of Nathan (Heroes)/Peter (Heroes)/Sam (Supernatural)/Dean (Supernatural), Pacific Rim AU with anyone, but I'll try any crossover! Go bonkers!

Fics I've Written
Drink - MCU, Steve/Bucky, vampire AU, blood-drinking, bit of size kink and characters going through hell - for heeroluva
Remember - MCU, Bucky/Clint/Natasha, writing on the body - for feralletters
Aftermath - Pacific Rim, Mako/Raleigh, oral sex and hurt/comfort - for redbrunja

Fics Written For Me
Avengers, Clint/Natasha, communication issues - by redbrunja
Avengers, Bucky/Steve, writing on the body - by feralletters
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