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Putting These Bitches To Bed

Over on Ao3 (Archive of Our Own), I have been putting many works of fanfic, mostly in the Avengers fandom. Over the past two years, I had been working on two extended AU stories that had ended up in the 40k+ word count range. But at the end of 2013/2014 I stalled out on them for multiple reasons. My husband and I were in the process of starting to get our house on the market. We were looking for a house to buy. I was going to a bi-weekly writer's group with the eventual intention of taking a short piece of original fiction and turn it into a novel with intent to publish. I took a promotion at work, becoming the shift leader for my work group. My fanfiction writing, as a consequence, took a hit. Two multi-chaptered stories with plot arcs and loving care went into limbo. I did shorter pieces for a while, but finally decided to set myself a deadline. Before the clock clicked over to 2016, I would update and finish these two stories.

And, by gum, I have! As of my 35th birthday on the 28th of December, Iron-Hard Man and Recovery are finally finished. They couldn't be more different in tone, and I think I was working on them simultaneously for some balance. Both are Tony Stark-centric Avengers stories, both are AUs, but there the similarity ends.

Recovery is an ABO rape-recovery, following the fairly harrowing Addiction. After Steve forcibly turned Tony into an omega in Addiction, Recovery chronicles the immediate and short-term aftermath and the consequences. It's a damn dark fic, and despite some light shining through, I would not recommend it for those feeling down. This was my exploration into some of the darker twists an ABO world would take.

Iron-Hard Man is a canon-character background AU. Tony Stark, instead of creating weapons for most of his life, instead chose to become the world's premiere sex-toy mogul. As the CEO and chief researcher for Stark Naked Industries, no one would ever suspect that behind the doors of Tony's private workshop, he's been working on a suit of armor to fight against the weapons of his father's legacy... While most of the other Avengers cleave close to canon in this one, Tony gets to be both more innocent and gleefully snarky. He's a virgin the battlefield, but can recommend 1,001 ways to get you off. Also, JARVIS is a sex machine and Bruce uses all of Tony's toys. This was a hoot to write because Tony got to approach everyone differently than he would have with his canon background, and I had a God-given right, nay, responsibility, to write filthy sex scenes in every chapter.

I have achieved deadlines, broken through my year-long writer's block, and I'm feeling like 2016's going to be a damn fine year! :D
Tags: ao3, avengers, fanfic, fic, fic meta, meta, self-indulgent navel-gazing, tony stark

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