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Buy Me at Fandom Trumps Hate!

Fandom Trumps Hate Auction is now underway!

What is it?

An online fanfic/fanart auction to benefit a variety of organizations helping populations targeted by Trump and his administration. (Such as the ACLU, Planned Parenthood, Trans Lifeline, and the National Immigrant Justice Center.)

How does it work?

You bid on us to create a piece of art and story for YOU. The winner will donate their winning bid amount to one of the charities listed in the FAQ at FandomTrumpsHate (at Tumblr), then send me email proof of their charitable donation (e-mail will be provided in the form). Once you’ve donated, the we’ll get to work on your item! If you’ve seen previous auctions to benefit AO3 or Haiti, it’s kind of like that. (Or Sweet Charity, if you remember that.)

Below is my form of what I'm writing (um... most things, minus a few pairings that just Aren't My Bag), along with links of how to bid on my and whatnot.

The bidding ends on January 20th, so bid soon and bid often!

Jaune_Chat - FTH Contributor Page
See Jaune_Chat’s works here and here!

To contact the seller before bidding, please email at jaune.chat@gmail.com

If you have a very specific prompt and are not flexible, it’s best to contact the seller before bidding, even if it fits within their listed parameters. If you are asking for a specific kink, always ask first.

Charities these auctions benefit: Bidder’s choice of any of the listed groups

(See full list at our FAQ)

Jaune_Chat’s offerings:

Jaune_Chat Auction #1

Type of fanwork: fic
Fandom(s): Marvel Cinematic Universe, Heroes, Firefly, Sherlock (BBC), Leverage
Rating(s): G, Teen, Mature, Explicit
Length/size: up to 5k words
Especially interested in: I’m up for nearly anything.
Will not: I don’t do Loki pairings or Coulson pairings for the MCU, otherwise I’m good for all other pairings and subjects.
Notes: I can write anything from light, humorous gen to dark explicit material (even Hydra Trash Party-type prompts, if desired). I also do AUs and crossovers.

Auctions run from 12 January 2017 (Midnight, EST) to 19 January 2017 (Midnight, EST). Bids before or after this period are invalid and will not be counted. If you would like to bid on this auction:

Step 1: Check the bidding spreadsheet to find out what the current high bid is. (Note: It may take up to five minutes for a bid to appear.)

Step 2: Fill out the seller’s bidding form with a bid that is higher than the current high bid. If you want to make it harder for someone to outbid you, bid higher! You will NOT be notified if someone outbids you, so please bookmark this page and check frequently. You will only be notified if you are the high bidder after the auctions end.
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