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Heroes Commentary: 3x01 The Second Coming and 3x02 The Butterfly Effect Part 1

This commentary was originally written in response to a stream-of-consciousness commentary my sister brighteyed_jill wrote on her LJ, so if it reads like this is a response... it is.

Man... oh man. Let me tell you, the line that kept running through my head CONSTANTLY during the premiere was Ripley's line from Aliens, "Did IQs just drop sharply when I was away?"

Sweet Zombie Jesus on a pogo stick, can Mohinder be any more stupid? I thought the point of having people like Mohinder, Bennett, and Ando on the show was to highlight how even ordinary people can be heroes. I suppose Mohinder was just randy from Matt being gone. Or Sendhil wanted to show off his chest. Still, un-fucking-believably stupid move to inject himself with that shit. No idea what it could have done to you. You could have ended up with Ted's power, or Maya's, WITH NO CONTROL, MORON!

Maya could have redeemed her own stupid, pointless existence on this show (other than being the sole extra brunette aside from Ma Petrelli) by working her black-eyed mojo on Mohinder BEFORE he injected himself, and then destroying the whole batch of super-serum. Christ, woman, you rant about your powers being a curse and when Mohinder says he won't destroy some potentially world-threatening stuff he made with YOUR blood, you just utter a cliché and flounce off? (And by the way, where the hell have you been getting girl clothes? I don't care if you're raiding Matt's "secret" trunk, they wouldn't be in your size girlfriend!)

Nathan as a certifiable crazy-case? Mm... yeah. No. Especially as he apparently got reincarnated as a hallucinating Republican Jesus freak. He apparently got into Mohinder's stash of clueless pills too considering he can't tell his brother's his brother. Then again, he didn't know Linderman wasn't Linderman so...

The Hiro and Ando show. Again. Some more. Don't get me wrong; watching these two is usually cute, but for the love of love, with everything those two have gone through, can't they follow a single instruction? And where was little Miss Speedster hanging around so that she'd know the exact second they pulled the formula out of the safe?

The cute and clueless act for those guys was funny in the first season, but it's begun to pall for me. Hiro has had many deep, character-changing experiences, so I was really expecting him to change. While I like that he hasn't lost his childlike optimism, gaining a sense of responsibility and an awareness of the gravity of time wouldn't be out of line. Just a little. I mean, he shaped a childhood legend and broke his heart, stabbed a guy in the chest with intent to kill, watched his father die... Please tell me he's learned from his experiences! Don't just think you can bring back first-season Hiro and we won't notice!

Also, Hiro set up a self-fulfilling prophecy. Poor bastard.

And Future!Peter is apparently no more competent than Now!Peter. Or Hiro. Fucking around with the future or the past NEVER SEEMS TO WORK THE WAY YOU THINK IT SHOULD! And Future!Peter can shapeshift/illusionate? O...k.... And body-swap? All righty then. Because this show doesn't have enough characters swapping alliances and appearances already.

Things that were good: Claire and Sylar's fight and conversation. Particularly the bit while Claire's head was open.

Elle immediately going to Bennett when Sylar showed up. Kick. Ass! (Bob dying though, I was sad. He was a great rat bastard.)

Angela's Petrelli's power, revealed! Awesome! Finally, the explanation for Peter's bizarre dreams. Angela's bizarre dream, also good. Angela throwing out Elle, fabulous! I was half-expecting Elle to zap Ma Petrelli on the way out though. Just for spite.

Oh and Ma Petrelli's Sylar Mommylove? Yeah. Yeah... This could be good. Or very, very bad.

Noah... Ok, just going back for a second, why in the name of a merciful god would you keep files on something like the Level 5 people in a plain old cardboard box laid out where ANYONE could read it? And don't give me the, "Only the family is there," line. Cable guy? Plumber? Phone company? Intruders? Because we know this family is like flypaper for freaks.
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