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Heroes Commentary: 3x01 The Second Coming and 3x02 The Butterfly Effect Part 2

Going back to Noah wanting to be a hero and save the world. TAKE CLAIRE! Yes, you want to protect your baby girl. Well, right now your baby girl has been violated to a level that you really, truly, don't want to understand. She needs to be with you so you can protect her and help her, and if you gave her a half-ounce of training, she'd be kick-ass at helping you get those Level 5 bad boys back in their cells.

(As an aside, why no women in Level 5? Just thought it was an odd omission.)

Claire's newfound ability to not feel pain was odd. Though it explains why she becomes such an ice-cold badass in the future. Sylar is messing with things beyond his understanding. Because Sylar still feels the pain (he said, "ow") but Claire doesn't. Very interesting.

Bringing in Meredith Gordon was kinda cool, but very, very strange. I know having her show up and light her hand on fire was just a reminder to the audience of what she can do, but in the context of, "Hi birthmom!" it was out of place. I mean, "Hi honey!" *poof* "Uh... hi again. Can you put out your hand before you pet Mr. Muggles?"

Matt Parkman finally remembers that he's a policeman and sticks his nose where it belongs for once. Then he ends up in Africa. Whee. Well, I hope he manages to do some crazy dream mojo into Future!Peter's brain and get himself out of there post haste. I'm already having bad flashbacks to Hiro being stuck in medieval Japan from Season Two.

Finally, last two things that just cracked my skull, in a bad way. Peter. Now!Body-swapped Jesse!Peter. Sweet pan-fried Jebus. You claim to be a good guy, but when you see three people beating up and burning innocent bystanders, and hear sirens, you just hop in the van and waltz off?

Peter, you have a bleeding grab-bag of abilities. If you're feeling heroic, TK those bastards into unconsciousness and bend space to the middle of the desert or something. Or maybe *gasp* back to the Company. Convincing them that you're actually you might be hard, but showing up on their doorstep with three unconscious bad guys might help. Or, if you're not feeling heroic, just fly away back to Nathan! Or call your mom. Or something. Anything than just looks angsty at your reflection and go "woe is me."

(And even if you're powerless, a little running away or some nursy helping the hurt people wouldn't be amiss. This show totally seems to have forgot that Peter has relatively advanced medical training.)

And at last, Niki of the one thousand and one personalities (and powers). Is she a triplet? Or is this governor fellow in on her new personality? Did getting one of Mohinder's wonder drugs last season give her new abilities? Or did Ali Larder just have a 5-season contract that she refuses to give up no matter how hard they try to kill her? Why knows?

Overall I watched this show with my hands over my eyes, groaning in embarrassment, or throwing my hands up and going, "What? What?!" incredulously. And not the good kind of incredulously. I hope this show can settle down, act smart, and deliver something good. I was only interested in less than half the storylines, so I hope the others can get their acts together. Please. Pretty please?

(These next comments were in response to my seemingly unlimited outpouring of rage against this show.)

I assure you I'm not in a total rage. The Coleman did indeed kick ass. The Pasadar is always sexy. Sylar did acknowledge a burning question that's been tormenting the fans for two seasons (and in a great way too). It's just... for me the ratio of awesome to WHAT?! was not high.

My expectations for this show were high, and what has happened thus far made me... ambivalent with a side order of incredulous. There was just so much potential awesome combined with so much WTF?

Don't get me wrong, I'll keep watching, just to see what crazy shit they'll come up with next.

But I may be watching behind my wary hands. Just saying.

Besides, I like a good rant. And this show was rant-worthy in so many ways.

And thirdly, I wouldn't be commenting so voraciously, virulently, and venomously if I didn't care about this show. I want everything about it to be awesome, and I yell at the characters only because I love them and want them to rock. And when they don't rock, Jaune Chat goes into Hulk mode. ("Don't make me angry. You wouldn't like me when I'm angry.")
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