May 8th, 2009



Title: Profile
Author: jaune_chat
Fandom: Heroes/Criminal Minds crossover (no prior knowledge of Criminal Minds is needed to understand this fic)
Characters: Nathan Petrelli, Aaron Hotchner
Rating: PG
Wordcount: 2,389
Spoilers: 3x25 “An Invisible Thread,” takes place around the beginning teaser for Volume 5, “Redemption”
Warnings: None
Disclaimer: Heroes belongs to Tim Kring, NBC et al. Criminal Minds belongs to... uh, I dunno, but I don't own them anyways.
A/N: I always thought Nathan Petrelli meeting Aaron Hotchner would be very interesting, considering their similar backgrounds. (And Hotchner’s great hatchet face, yow!)

Summary: Nathan needs someone to help him discover who’s behind a series of mysterious deaths, and he finds just the man for the job. But what agent Hotchner discovers is perhaps more than Nathan intended…

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