September 17th, 2009


Why Don't You Bleed For Me?

(And that title is not really as creepy as it sounds. It's a song by Saliva.)

I'd like to talk about blood. I donate blood. I have since I was sixteen (which is, in America, the earliest you're allowed to donate). I'm just short of my three-gallon total, though I could be higher if I'd been more diligent about donating when I was in college. My dad has donated blood for a long time, as long as I can recall, because his blood type is one that can be used by a great many people.

As a point of information, no one in my immediate family has ever been in a major accident or had to have a surgery that required a blood transfusion. Very few people in extended family have been in that situation. One of my aunts died of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma (essentially a blood cancer), and while I miss her, I know she was not in my direct bloodline (thusly I should not have to worry about developing the same disease).

What does all that mean? I have absolutely no passionate personal story about why I donate blood. I have never been the recipient of another's blood to keep me alive, nor has anyone in my family, nor has any of my close friends. I have no personal stake in wanting to get needles poked into my elbow and have my vital bodily fluids drained so strangers can make use of them.

But I do it anyways. Let me tell you more about it. Collapse )

State of the Fic

Ok, I have more things to do than is really healthy, and to help me (and warn y'all) I'm making a list (in no particular order). Here we go, it's gonna be legend-wait for it-dary.

Write the sixth chapter of Stop.

Write my third transitions piece (Redeemers' Grace) for between War and Peace In Mind, and the first chapter of the sequel, We Are Legend. My faithful peeps over at have waited almost a year for me to do this, and I really need to get on the stick about it. Also, I need to 'port over the other Sky High stories from my account and (oh God) put them in HTML coding. I shudder at the thought of coding War and Peace In Mind. That story is over 300,000 words long, and I have another probably 30,000 words' worth of auxillary stories that go with it to code as well. Kill me now.

Write my next Noah/Nathan story. Hopefully before next week when Heroes starts.

Write the next installment of Big Damn Heroes.

Write my third story for the horror series "Little One," that I was writing on

Write the next two stories that I have slated for the sequel to Insatiable.

Write a sequel to Gladiators.

Write my first installment of "Nathan Petrelli, Animal Doctor."

Edit and post the rest of the stuff I had from the current kink meme.

Write something for the heroesghostsfic Crown Chakra Fic Jam, because if I don't promote my own comm, no one else is going to.

And a few other things I can't say yet, 'cause they're supposed to be a surprise.

Holy crap. I have SO MUCH TO DO! Holy crap!!!!!!