November 6th, 2009


Writer's Block: Green-eyed monster

If your romantic partner told you that, given the chance, he or she would sleep with a celebrity/public figure you disrespect, would you be amused, jealous, or bewildered? How would they react if the situation were reversed?

This question I'm going to answer kind of by not answering it, but answering it. Thusly confused, let me proceed.

Everyone has The List. You may not realize it, but you have it too. I have The List, my husband has The List, everyone has The List. The List is the list of celebrities that, given the opportunity, you'd totally hit. Some of them are obvious, the conventionally attractive people that almost anyone would hit. Some are inexplicable or impossible, "This dude, but twenty years ago. This guy, but I know he's gay. I'd still hit him." (Yes, John Barrowman's on my list, and I'm unabashed about it.) Some are totally random. An actor with beautiful eyes but appalling manners. A singer with a great ass but a dirty mouth.

Sexual attraction, however inexplicable, is the only thing that puts someone on The List. I don't begrudge by hubby his strange choices on his List, and he only quirks a vague brow at the strange selections on mine. I mean, come on, it's not like either of us is going to get a chance to have a wacky sex party with half of Hollywood, so what's the harm in putting whoever you want on your List?

To answer the question, my reaction is amusement. So is his. Because life's too short to obsess over the The List.

Writer's Block: Here's looking at you

What is your all-time favorite, romantic movie scene? What about it speaks to you?

Oh, this is an easy one. Lloyd Dobler holding a boom box over his head playing Peter Gabriel's "In Your Eyes" outside of Diane Court's house in the pouring rain in "Say Anything." Best romantic movie scene ever, because it's emotional and says so much about both characters without even saying a lot. It's both obvious and very subtle, and the music choice is aces.