July 25th, 2010

Jesus SAVES (DnD)

The Kingmakers - Dungeon and Dragons Session Write-Up

Many of you know that I play Dungeons and Dragons Role-Playing Game. I'm in three games, two run by friends, another by my husband, and I DM (Dungeon Master) a fourth.

I've been writing up what's been happening in our sessions and putting them on a D&D message board for several weeks, but it's a pretty good story that's happening, so I thought I'd share it the rest of y'all. For those that don't play, Dungeons and Dragons is essentially interactive storytelling with a fantasy bent.

I do get somewhat technical with my explanations of game mechanics or books at time, but most of it is presented in a story summary format. And without further ado, let me introduce our party of intrepid adventurers, who I have named the Kingmakers...

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