August 14th, 2010

Luke and Lyle

Slave AU Extras

These are some extra cut scenes from Get Your Money's Worth. These were things that didn't quite fit in the main narrative, but I thought were interesting/hot anyway and wanted to include.

The first is background for the world, as in why it's a slave society where Specials rule and humans drool. It was just such an exposition bomb that it stopped the narrative in its tracks, and the only way I could think to include it was in the conversation with Luke and Claire, where it still would have been rather random and out of place. But I sort of liked it and wanted to put it somewhere, so it's here.

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The second one is basically a flashback to Lyle's sexual training class, with Nathan as his teacher. I didn't include it because it took away from the main thrust of the narrative, as well as being pretty much Nathan/Lyle, which was not on the menu for the list of requested pairings. But it's hot, and I thought some people might like it, so here it is!

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