September 12th, 2010


Crossover Exchange Sign-Ups!

It's that time. Yes, indeed, that time when the fall shows are starting, new movies are coming out, and you're just saying to yourself, "Hey, you know what would be really awesome? If Character A would show up on Character B's show and shennanigans ensued."

Well, you don't have talk to yourself anymore! (Unless, of course, you want to, in which case, more power to ya.) xover_exchange is having sign-ups for another round of crossover goodness!

Ever wonder what it would be like to have the NCIS gang investage a crime on the USS Enterprise? Or if Dr. Temperance Brennan and agent Seeley Booth were helping Aaron Hotchner's team of BAU profilers on a case? Or if Peter Petrelli and Dean Winchester met for a one-night stand and bonding over their father's expectations for their lives? Or if the crew of Serenity were on the run from Dr. Horrible?

Wonder no more! Gather your fandoms, throw them in the blender, and hit puree, because it's time for the Crossover Exchange! Go sign up and spread the crossover love!

P.S. Yes, the sign-up sheet is somewhat complicated. It's for a good reason, honest. You'll find more possibilities for your crossovers the longer you look at it, so never fear! :) I did this last year, and had an incredible amount of fun. This year I came up with even more possible crossovers, so this is an exchange that just gets better each round.
Fringe Olivia Peter Vulcan Salute


Title: Free-Falling
Author: jaune_chat
Fandom: Fringe/Heroes
Characters/Pairings: Peter Bishop, Olivia Dunham, Walter Bishop, Astrid Farnsworth, Philip Broyles, Luke Campbell
Rating: PG-13
Wordcount: 6,207
Spoilers: S3 for Heroes, 2x12 “Johari Window” for Fringe
Warnings: Violence, language
Disclaimer: I don't own a thing.
A/N: Written for perdiccas who bought me at hope_in_sight.
Summary: The Fringe division is looking for a microwaving boy. Luke Campbell is not a criminal mastermind. Peter Bishop is not an FBI agent. But they both need someone to listen.

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