January 12th, 2011

Going Mad Feels Like

Song and Dance Time!

The following songs have been running through my head for the past two days:

Hark the Herald Angels Sing

Owner of a Lonely Heart by Yes (a song I haven't listened to in several years)

Stars (by Javert from the musical Les Miserables, and while this is a musical I know very well, I haven't listened to the whole thing in probably a decade)

A little ditty I made up in elementary school about a paramecium. Lyrics as follows:
I have a paramecium,
It lives on my back lawn,
I hit it with a coconut,
And yell when it is wrong.
Oh paramecium, Oh paramecium,
Oh paramecium, you're my best friend!

What connection any of these songs have to each other, or to anything I was doing, is completely up to you, gentle reader. I don't have a clue.