May 17th, 2011


Big Bang... of Porn? Also, HALP!

So, my last two days off, I was going to write to finish my crossbigbang, of which I have about 12,000 words, but needs much, much finishing. And it's due Monday.

Instead, Five Acts happened, deancaskink had some killer prompts, and long story short, I wrote about 11,000 words of porn.

I don't quite regret it. It was some really hot porn.

BUT! I really must finish the Big Bang. Really. At least I found the voices of my more reluctant characters, which is good. Yet finishing is important. And thusly, I must ask if anyone would be willing to give me some beta help. If I can get things written tomorrow and Saturday, is there anyone out there that would be interested in/kind enough to betaing a Criminal Minds/Inception story? Gen, casefic, banter, drama, shootouts, escapes, general mindfuckery, all that good stuff.

Anyone up for it? Anyone? Bueller? :)