March 12th, 2013


Slow Lightning Crashing Down - Master Post

Title: Slow Lightning Crashing Down
Author: jaune_chat
Artist: brynnh87
Fandom: Original
Relationship(s)/Characters: Gen, friendship, het
Word Count: 22,276
Rating: R-rating
Warnings + Content Notes: apocalyptic scenario, racism, violence, aftermath of violence, minor character death, language
Author’s Notes: Thanks to hawkhandsaw for betaing!
Summary: When a cosmic radiation storm hit the earth in the fifties, initially no one knew what happened. When a mutated race of humans was born in the seventies as a result of the storm, it was hard on everyone but hardly the end of the world. That came in 2013, when the authors of the radiation storm returned to reclaim what they'd left and everything else besides. What stands between alien invaders and life as everyone knows it are the uncertain convictions and tentative alliance between the two races sharing the Earth.

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Art is here! Go check out the rest of brynnh87's cool art she did for this story! :D

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