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Heroes Commentary: 3x03 One of Us, One of Them

This episode didn't make Jaune Chat angry. As a matter of fact, it made Jaune Chat very pleased!

Sylar/Bennett is one of the coolest partnerships ever. I mean, they won't ever trust each other, but it'll be great while it lasts. Before one of them shoots/TKs the other to death.

Ma Petrelli continues to show her awesomeness. She's a devil woman, an evil, evil person, but I love her charm and self-assurance. Sylar as her son? Soap-opera material, yes. Cool implications even if she's lying? Also yes.

Peter and Future!Peter continue to show they're both more pretty than smart. But at least they're pretty, and there is that.

Nathan continues to show great character range through both acting and wardrobe. Seriously. In season one he was all super-neat and fitted suits buttoned all the way up, slick, gelled hair, and shark smile. And he was a magnificent bastard. Season two he was all ruff and scruff, and he was a broken man learning to mend. Season three he's back in the suits, but generally more open, soft, and less slick, and his religious rhetoric and more uncertain demeanor reflect that very well.

Meredith's tough love in a metal box is pure science FAIL. Sorry. I'll happily accept rapid cellular regeneration and pyrokinesis, but I can't accept that Claire's suffocating while FireMommy is just fine and then the air comes back in and... No. Just no. Science FAIL. If it's all psychosomatic, that's fine. But otherwise, no.

Thanks goodness Mohinder wasn't in this episode, because other wise I would have been forced to plug my ears to the bad science and go "la-la-la!"

Sylar's bad habits are going to be the death of him some day. Tisk, tisk, killing random bad guys. You naughty boy!

Liked how Micah almost immediately pegged Tracy as not-Niki. At least we didn't have some wacky case of mistaken identity, because that would have sucked. I also hope we're not going the clone route, but I fear it to be so. It's not uncommon in comic books.

And Matt... who's still stuck in Africa with the vision guy. Who has some wicked cool drugs to get Matt to not only exhibit Issac's power, but to paint streaks of mud on his face! I can only hope Matt sees a clear path out of this plotline.

On a different note, it looked like the girl he was cradling in Not-Issac's painting was Daphne, the speedster. Wouldn't that be interesting?

The return of the Haitian: Awesome.

The Hiro and Ando show, Again, Some more: Not quite as awesome. Yes, some good happy slapstick that amused me. Yes, Hiro and Ando's rift deepens, and that's good because it shows character development. Daphne totally schooling their asses for the third time? Starting to get old.

And Sylar taking control of Bennett and his cover story with his Good-ol-boy accent? Made. Of. Win.
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