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Heroes Commentary: 3x05 Angels and Monsters

There are many things both awesome and not-awesome about this episode. First off, the Things that Send Jaune Chat into a Rage.

Mohinder. I loves me some Sendhil, but I don't know who's in charge of writing his character this season. Mohinder now feels it's ok to glue people to a wall? Ok. He's just not off the rails, he's off the rails, upside down, in a ditch, on fire. He's gone right past creepy and into dangerous territory. And our St. Maya cannot redeem herself, yet again. She pulls the whole "cleverly hiding underneath a table" thing that five-year-olds do in horror films. Five-year-olds! And can't use her powers for a good reason for once. If there was ever a time to black mojo someone out of their misery, it was right then before Mohinder got himself stuck on you.

Power Inconsistancy. Sylar clearly demonstrates several of his abilities during the Vortex fight, but conveniently can't use his Super Hearing when Bennett is plotting his death. Why? Why can he only use some of his powers but not others? Check the Heroes Wiki writers, we fans do all the hard work for you of keeping track of what everyone can do.

It's sure a jolly good thing that Vortex Boy takes the moral high ground when threatened with death. Hey Bennett, want to know how Future!Claire become such an unfeeling badass? This is how. Because she saw you willing to sacrifice an innocent man for her safety. Kind of breeds a "it's all for me" mentality that ain't too healthy. You gave your girl issues.

Claire, of all the people you could have gone after, the one guy you can't possibly fight effective with your powers is the first one on the list? And you don't even think to bring... oh a rope or some handcuffs or even a twisty tie? Let this be a lesson to you Parents of America, teach your children about proper bondage techniques before they get themselves into trouble.

The Hiro and Ando Show. Again. Some More. They fall for the ol' "it's just a random bar fight!" gag? Wow. Hiro needs to watch more American television. Because he's the furthest thing from a badass on this show right now. And that includes both Molly and Micah.

Meredith dear, a palm full of flames against a mind-control guy? It's clear where Claire gets her danger sense genes. As a matter of fact, she shares them with her father (Mohinder, he's harmless!).

The death of Unspecial Ando? I am assuming there was a time stop and a quick trip to a local theater supply company, or I will be kicking someone's ass. Alphabetically.

Things that were not worthy of Wrath.

The initial Hiro/Adam scene where he kept teleporting Adam back into the coffin. Pure gold. One of the very few, can-count-on-one-hand times that Hiro's been completely effective. Funny, clever, intelligent, and a damn shame Hiro had to spoil it in the bar shortly afterward.

Sylar and the radio. Could watch the Bennett and Sylar show all hour and not get tired of it. Until one of them tried to kill the other of course.

Sylar starting to change when he touches Claire and feels her pain. A great set-up for his eventual transformation to Gabriel. Well done!

Tracy and Nathan ready to do a total Ma Petrelli beatdown? Finally! Nathan regrew a spine for the first time this season. Religious!Nathan was starting to get on my nerves because somehow The Pasdar and the Christian Lamb are like oil and water in my mind. Where's my shark-tooth smile and brotherly devotion?

Maury is back? How did he find his way out of his own mind? Ah well, it gives us a much more plausible explanation for Linderman's presence than resurrection. And the introduction of Pa Petrelli! Who, of course, had to shut down Ma Petrelli. I'm sad. Bitch Queen she might be, but at least she knows what's going on 90% of the time, which is more than you can say for the rest of the cast.
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