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Heroes Commentary: Episode 3x06 Dying of the Light

Oh, there was so much good in this episode.  And so much to rip.

Oh, Arthur Petrelli really didn't need to kill Adam, he just did it because he didn't want anyone around who's more badass than him. 

I also think that the reason Adam languished in Hartford for so long while Arthur laid there very near death was because The Company and Pinehurst were in competition with each other.  The Company didn’t want Adam out there because one, he’s an amoral mastermind, and two, well, look what just happened. In addition, Pinehurst-hired Daphne raided The Company for Flint and Sylar, at the end of Season Two Maury was still trapped in his own head so Arthur must have helped him there, and Ma Petrelli is clearly on her husband's shit list, so clearly the two organizations evil twins.  Just like our two equal-but-opposite power-hungry twins, Peter and Gabriel.



At Pinehurst – If I were one of those villains and just saw my employer embrace his son and suck out all his powers, I would quickly be exiting stage right. And I know Knox is an evil jerk, but after seeing Pa Petrelli kill Adam in such a horrible way, on top of the power-sucking, I’d seek an alternative form of employment. Maybe in Switzerland or Siberia or perhaps a very remote part of Tibet.

Claire, the cause of, and solution to, all of life's problems.  I liked how her mom was willing to help her, but why can't anyone come up with any sort of plan that doesn't involve running in willy-nilly?  And why does Clair go to Doyle’s place with a single one-shot weapon? Why not have several back-ups? If she couldn’t get a normal gun (and, to be fair, she didn’t seem to want to get lethal), what about a can of pepper spray? Or a hunting knife (or just a kitchen knife)? Some rope or restraints? They all had to wait for Noah to show up with a trank gun. Claire clearly subscribes to the Peter Petrelli school of planning.


When Sandra pulled the ‘one of us, one of them’ line on Claire, I did a little squee. Because this shows that yes, even though Noah is still keeping secrets, he has started to come clean to his wife about his past activities. And Sandra is no longer going to sit idly by while her daughter is in danger. Go Mom! I’m also really glad that Sandra at least made an attempt at a cover story during their attempt on Doyle, and to her credit didn’t hesitate long when Claire asked her to pull the trigger. However, clearly she needs to watch more cop shows.  Good cop shows. 


And I was hoping Claire would tell Doyle that she'd prefer to shoot herself.  That would be a slight difference over the last time they've played Russian roulette with the Bennett family. I mean, she could have let Sandra or Meredith get shot, and them healed them with her blood. If she actually knew Adam’s blood trick (kinky!). I don’t think she ever actually saw the results of that from S2 though.


I was hoping Noah would make Claire the offer he made Meredith. All Meredith did was make an ill-fated and ill-conceived (though good-intentioned) assault on Doyle, and was basically Grade-A useless during the confrontation. Claire was actually the one to make the one correct move (albeit they were up to Plan G at that point, if not Plan Q). And while I appreciate Noah’s kindness in having Meredith around to try to protect his daughter while he’s away, what the hell makes Meredith qualified to fight alongside him?


Unless Meredith has secretly gotten some Sarah Conner-esque training while she was in Mexico, I don’t see how a woman who’s been living a reclusive life in a trailer is even capable of keeping up with him. Claude was with the Company for several years and we know the Haitian was with them since he was a boy. We’ve never seen Meredith produce more than a palmful of flamelets that she’s used to burn nothing more exotic than a cigarette (or light a stove). Can she use her powers in any more useful way, like throwing them, or producing more than just than tiny amount? Because having to go right up next to someone and touch them to use her powers is of limited use when trying to hunt down the Villains. 


Now, how is Sandra going to react when her husband wants to partner with a younger blonde woman, who, it just ever-so-happens, is Claire’s biological mother? Inviting Meredith into the Bennett household to protect Claire is one thing; Meredith would never intentionally put Claire in harm’s way. But taking Meredith as a partner is really going to put a strain on the marriage. Just saying.

Unspecial Ando lives! Ha, I was totally right about the time-stopping and getting stuff from a prop shop.  I rule!  Another very brief burst of cleverness from Hiro.  Too bad Daphne is now going to make some kind of crucial decision later in the season based on the supposition that Hiro is a killer.  Oopsy!


And now the Hiro and Ando show. Again. Some more. I don’t know if Hiro got an unrealistic idea of how competent precogs can be, since his last encounter with one was the fatalistically clueless druggie Isaac Mendez, but his thoroughly amusing attempts to out power-play Usutu were a little lame. You know a guy can draw the future. When you see a picture of yourself getting hit in the head with a shovel, act! I was screaming at Hiro to stop time, but he wouldn’t, of course. Loveable dork.


And now Hiro has a proper mission again. Some guys just need a Quest like Celine Dion needs shoes. Let’s hope Usutu can point him on a path that doesn’t involve nuclear explosions, deadly viruses, or superpowered formulas. I know! Maybe he can just try to prevent people from fucking with time. He could establish a Time Agency. Genius! Anything to keep Peter out of the future time stream…

"High five turtle!"  Rule.  Also love how they have Parkman represented by the turtle and then he’s stalking trying to save Daphne the speedster.  It's cute.  Though for one horrible second I thought, when Matt put down the turtle, that someone was going to steal it and then he was going to go on a quest to find it ala Hiro and the Kensei sword. 


Though I’m wondering how Parkman managed to get across Africa, to an international airport, without need of water, food, or a change of clothes, without encountering anyone eager to kill him (for reasons of a civil war or other issues) or rob him (in cases of being in a bad part of town), and then secure himself a plane ticket to America without money or passport. I suppose he could have just mind-mojoed his way through customs on both sides of the pond, as well as getting himself a turtle cage and whatnot, but that doesn’t seem to be Parkman’s style. I suppose we just stick our fingers in our ears and go “la la la”? (Unless Usutu was keeping some spare bits around for Parkman, being as he’s painted him for years.)


Mohinder showed a moment of evil brilliance by incapacitating Tracy and Nathan, but then quickly remembered to take his afternoon dose of stupid pills after he’d gotten them strapped down. Couldn’t let the ‘brilliant geneticist’ outsmart the two politicians, could we? 


So before cockroach-Mo can ram his ovidepositer down their throats and lay eggs in their chests, Tracy pulls the ‘Oh, it’s not your fault Sylar- I mean Mohinder.’ And Mohinder, now with a fresh dose of stupid in his veins, conveniently forgets that he just saw Tracy deep freezing his lab equipment in the other room. I hope his bloody arm shatters.


Tracy ends up showing more brains and initiative than most of the cast this episode, actually using her powers in a clever fashion and getting Nathan up without extraneous stupid questions. Fly Nathan fly! Don’t let evil cockroach-Mo get his claws into you again. No time for love Dr. Jones!


The Peter-Sylar fight. Peter has joined Mohinder in being off the rails. Gabriel knows what the crap he’s talking about with his abilities, but Peter can’t hear him above the clamor of self-awesomeness. There’s nothing more dangerous than a self-righteous fool with a hero complex and too many powers running around with a serial killer’s ability thinking he’s on a mission from his future self. Off the rails. Upside down. In a ditch. On fire. 


Even though Pa Petrelli’s a prick, at least there’s a half chance we’ll get our semi-normal emo puppy back without him being such an ass this time. People really shouldn’t get visits from their future selves; it gives you the impression you’re cooler than you are.


Sylar is learning to control himself!  It's so adorable!  He's gaining self-awareness and self-control.  Now, he just needs to learn to firmly control his bro.  No, better than that.  And yes, THAT way if he has to.  Though I liked how they're suddenly remembering all the different powers Peter and Sylar have access to.  Or, at least Peter.  

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