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Heroes Commentary 3x07 - Eris Quod Sum

The love and hate continues in our latest installment!


So Mohinder has gone all, “No one understands Hulk!” It was only a matter of time really; with Matt gone he’s lost all common sense, sense of reality, and fashion sense. Not to mention his taste level. 


I love how he grabs Maya and leaps into the night, and Nathan stands there like, “Wha?” Dude, you can FLY! If you’re so concerned about saving Maya and maybe taking Crazy!Mohinder off the streets, maybe you could go after them. Take Tracy, because it’s clear she’s good in a fight. Or maybe Nathan doesn’t want to save anyone unless the reward involves sex, really close hugging, or both. And Maya’s secondhand goods and Mohinder has lost his boyish charm during the latest round of involuntary bondage.


Clearly the writers were a little flummoxed at what to do with a reasonably intelligent character, so they slipped Tracy half of one of Mohinder’s stupid pills. I can think of no other reason why, after sitting there calmly and placidly for hours with Nathan waiting for the Company people, she’d suddenly decide to go play with the webbing victims. At least Noah is there to save them. He’s doing a lot of the last-second saving recently. I think he’s honing his sense of Dramatic Presence.


Oh Tracy, thank you so kindly for saying out loud the pure ridiculousness of the semi-incestuous nature of the cast on this show. It’s like the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon except it’s only three and it’s with Claire. Though Meredith’s cool “blondes” comment was delightfully catty. 


Tracy seems to have forgotten that her twin sister was an internet stripper that had sex with Nathan. And if she did any background research on him before making him a senator, she should know that technically he’s still married (I think, I don’t recall them taking about divorce in S2) with children. Also, do recall he has a teenage daughter to boot. Remember Tracy, Nathan’s a very sexy man-whore with a penchant for touching his brother, so just walk into this with open eyes!


Oh Peter. This whole first scene with his dad just cracks my skull. It seems that despite the loss of his powers, Peter hasn’t lost an iota of his self-righteousness. As a matter of fact, he seems to have grown a huge amount of overconfidence to go with it. Yeah, you just rant and rave that you’re going to stop your dad and make him pay for every bad thing he’s ever done in his whole life. You do that Pete, while you’re powerless, handcuffed to a bed, and suffering delusions of grandeur. 


I was also wondering why Peter seemed to accept the loss of his powers with such relative calm, considering that being special was his main motivation for all of S1 and obviously for the majority of S3 as well. He just leapt right into the “you’re not going to get away with this,” mantra that made me want to just gag him. Peter, Peter, calm down, deep breaths, have a latte and think a little. Wait for the stupid pills to work out of your syst-. Oh. Right, Peter had a permanent stupid pump implanted by Mom to keep him under control. It’s the only logical explanation. 


When Claire and Sandra pull up to the lights flickering and Lyle (hey, someone remembered he exists!) out on the floor, I started banging my head on the table. How many break-ins have they had now? I said it before, this family is flypaper for freaks. Get an alarm system, a butch Great Dane to bodyguard for Mr. Muggles, some freaking Home Alone tar-and-nails types of traps, or even a deadbolt, just KEEP PEOPLE OUT OF YOUR HOUSE! Work with me here people!


I’m thrilled though to not only see Lyle back, but with a good line. Also slightly glad to see Elle, because I was wondering what someone like her was doing just wandering out there on her own. I would have expected her to have been a little more… I dunno, psychotic. Or maybe she’s been working off her aggressions somewhere. Like a local motel. Pity we’ll never know.


But now again with the “my powers are not working so hot, waah!” thing? Didn’t we do this last season and didn’t the writers drop it like a bad habit with no real explanation? And why doesn’t Claire know that her blood can pretty much fix what ails ya? She was obsessive about this in S2, but it doesn’t occur to her to offer it this time? Lame.


Oh, oh dear. Yes, clearly the best way to transport a woman with no firm control of her electrical powers, who has a history of instability, is in a pressurized metal tube thirty thousand feet above the ground filled with innocent victims. The stupid pills are on the prowl again. I think they lay in wait during the commercial breaks and pounce on the characters when they aren’t looking.


Hmm, when Claire was acting as Elle’s lightning rod, my mind did not go to a clean place. That is all.


Maury, who let Nathan and Matt nearly kill each last season, is risking his life to keep Matt safe now? Apparently the Haitian made him forget that he’s a loser so Maury could die a heroic death.


Ma Petrelli can’t be beaten down! I’m glad she reminded Sylar that this isn’t the first time he’s gotten out of a Company coma, because Sylar is a much-needed shot of awesome on this show. Though she had to give him one more layer of mommy complex by calling him her favorite, didn’t she?


Now, when Arthur de-powered Maya and she decides to go home, I started twitching uncontrollably. So, the whole point of her character was to act as transportation to get Sylar up from Mexico, and then as a catalyst for Mohinder to get on the synthetic powers train. Her character wasn’t important, and her powers, for all they made of them, weren’t that important either. That poor girl was just a random plot point in a pretty body. I need to go beat someone senseless now.


Sylar didn’t make sure of his kill before freeing Peter. Bad mistake Sy-Sy. Though at least Mohinder got to do some therapeutic beating.


Arthur’s sly little manipulations of Sylar, including telling him about his natal near-drowning, were delightfully informative, but luckily our Sylar has a stronger personality than that. He’s not so easily swayed by Pa Petrelli. That whole self-centered psychotic mindset really does come in handy from time to time, eh? Love to see what Sylar’s got planned for Arthur.  I have a sneaking suspicion that he underestimated at least one of his sons.


(Though I will admit that the entire time that Sylar and Pa Petrelli were together I was screaming at Sy-Sy to keep away from him and not touch him. I couldn’t bear to lose the last character with a legitimate chance of kicking Pa’s ass.)


Oh, and I can’t tell you how pleased I am that Peter got knocked out of a window by his bro, even if it was only a token effort. Emo Puppy has gone from cute to me wanting to beat him with a rubber hose whenever he’s on the screen. Not good. And he doesn’t stop being as ass even when Claire rescues him and takes him to his brother! Has he even seen his brother since he got shot? I thought Future!Peter trapped him in Jesse’s body shortly after that. 


“Hi bro, Dad’s alive, I don’t have my powers, don’t go after him, who’s you new squeeze? and hey, you’re alive too! And a senator now. And I didn’t even have to blow up New York for it, spiffy!” Except with more angst and smoldering resentment, because Peter apparently got some bad-attitude pills to mix in with his stupid pill IV drip.


Nathan must have got a whiff of that, because he’s off to see the wizard without even a witch’s broom. Take Tracy you thick-brained Neanderthal! Maybe you can avoid charging in there like an idiot, like nearly everyone else has.


Daphne and Matt’s scene was really adorable, if ultimately hollow. Which is sad, because I like Matt and Daphne together. She’s really a very convincing actress to pull off the “I can’t kill you” thing. And Matt is a really horrible mind-reader if he didn’t pick up a double cross. Dude, this is what you DO with your powers. It’s what you JUST DID to Knox to fake your own deaths. Why can’t you see the precipice beneath your feet?


Also, I call that Daphne's grandmother Daniela is being kept alive by Pinehurst, and if Daphne defects, Grandmama bites it. You heard it here first!

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