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Heroes Commentary 3x08 - Villains

I giggled, and giggled mightily.


Heroes: Villains


I watched the entire first part of this episode while giggling unstoppably. It was like millions of unintentional innuendoes all cried out at once and were taken up by fanfic writers so they couldn’t be silenced. Tim Kring has made this world a much pornier place just by having too many pretty actors uttering too many comments that can be taken too many ways. Our imaginations go from there. 


The Petrelli brothers look astoundingly young for it being only 18 months ago during the party scene. And Arthur and Angela look disturbingly normal during said scene as well. But we know what goes on behind closed doors in this family, right? Right.


Angela is just too damn happy during this whole scene. I miss our ice-cold bitch queen already. Vulnerable!Angela is giving my brain whiplash.


And so is Linderman’s blatant jittery nervousness while talking to Arthur about Nathan. Nathan is much scarier at this point than he has been during the whole of the series, but I still don’t think he’s worth a murder attempt. Not with Arthur’s thought-pushing that he so gleefully shows through much of this episode. Instead of killing his son, why not just change his mind for him Pa?


Got to love Linderman loudly arguing with Arthur about all their illegal activities in the middle of a crowded party. Where is the stone-cold pot pie-baking badass mob moss from S1? I miss him already.


I find it curious how the Arthur and Linderman talk about Pa Petrelli’s last talk with his son possibly, “not taking.” I don’t know if this means not being able to convince him, or that Nathan is just naturally more resistant to Arthur’s powers than Angela. And if that doesn’t work, you’re going to kill him? Just like that? Ok, cute. Maybe you shouldn’t have done such a poor job of making him respect you as a child and maybe he wouldn’t hate you and all your friends now. Asshole.


Flint and Meredith are related, thusly continuing the semi-incestuous nature of this season’s cast. I’m expecting to have West be revealed as another of Nathan’s bastard children at any point now. 


The Jiffy Pop thing was utterly hilarious. You know that if you had flame-throwing powers that you’d totally be doing that at parties. I would.


Thompson is back (sort of). Yay! Nice to see a simple solution to the Flint problem with the fire extinguisher. And at least Meredith is smart enough to give up so she doesn’t get tazered. She doesn’t want a wicked headache and twitches for the next hour. And I was glad to see she can do more than just the palm full of flames. If she couldn’t throw her fire, I was seriously doubting her efficacy with Bennett in the present.


Oh dear, Gabriel has some semi-normal issues from killing Brian Davis. I was wondering where the “Forgive Me” closet in S1 came from, considering that the Sylar we knew in S1 wasn’t the regretful type. And Elle is his angel, hmm? Can we throw a few more layers of religious imagery on the plot please?


Interesting that Elle was trusted for a mission like this. She must have gone extra psycho after this, considering what she did when her dad sent her to Ireland after Peter in S2. I’m having trouble reconciling “Gabriel’s friend” Elle with the “I’ll electrocute some random Irish thug because I’m impatient” Ell that we met in S2. She must have been working through a lot of PTSD in the interim.


Also damn, Noah. Pushing Gabriel to kill so he can observe the process? Honey, that’s not morally “gray.” That’s morally “express elevator to hell.” And what happened between Sylar and your daughter later? That’s called karma.


So Meredith is trained to be an agent? Did Bennett know that when he asked her to partner with him? I sure as hell hope so, because otherwise he’s taking a lot on faith. And I don’t see him as a man of faith.


Why does Flint have an accent and Meredith doesn’t? Just curious.


Right now my continuity meter is breaking. Flint said he was tackled by an invisible man in the alley, leading his capture. In “Company Man” in S1, Bennett shot Claude about seven years ago for betraying the Company. Claude has apparently been on the run from the Company ever since, as he basically revealed to Peter in S1. Am I supposed to believe that Claude came back to work for Thompson a year ago, and then left again so he could train Peter shortly afterward (and still be full of Company paranoia)? Canon FAIL!


Angela says, “When Peter’s powers manifest, he’ll become a great man.” Actually he’ll become an easily-deceived, over-powered emotional dupe with delusions of grandeur. Like father, like son.


“You look good in a suit Nathan.” That’s a chilling comment. Like Arthur commenting that his son will look good in his coffin.


Man, more emphasis on canon FAIL during the hospital scene. Back in S1, Peter claimed he could feel when Nathan had his accident even though they were “300 miles apart.” Yet Peter was able to get to the hospital while Heidi was still in surgery. Note that Peter had refused his family’s money at this point, and getting a plane ticket at the last second is anything but cheap. So no getting on the magic 10-minute travel to anywhere planes that they use on this show. FAIL!


Though I was glad to see our old nurse!Peter help calm down Nathan and keep the family peace. We lost that Peter halfway through S1 and I still miss him.


Why does Arthur and Angela’s master bedroom look exactly like the “king suite” as a low-end hotel? Seriously, nothing in that room looks like it belongs to a family like theirs.


I really don’t know about this softer Angela, so trusting of her husband. Wasn’t she a part of giving Nathan synthetic abilities? Wasn’t she working with the rest of the Elder Heroes to start and keep running The Company? You have to be pretty hardcore to start something like that, especially with her precognitive abilities. So why is she so compliant and trusting just one short year ago?


Wahoo to Colossus fighting Pyroeen right there in the open! Good thing the only people who saw them was drunken homeless people… or something. Either that or the Haitian was working overtime. Meredith does think well on her feet though. Whether she’s taking down a dangerous Hero or lying to her daughter, she’s got some moves.


When Elle shows up with food for Gabriel, I was watching with astonishment. Elle, oh Elle, did you take rainbow and puppy pills to get so damn perky? Noah’s been spiking your pie or something. Oh wait, not like that. Damn that came out dirty…


“I thought you were about to burst into song.” Stop reading my mind Noah! I giggled incessantly after that for about five minutes. Noah gets all the good lines. First musicals, then lines about singing whales!


Oh dear, I started to get a real creepy feeling when Noah was explaining to Elle that her dad has trained her for this her whole life, all while holding her shoulders and looking into her eyes. He uses the exact same gestures and stance when he’s trying to convince Claire of something. Creeeeeeepy…


Again, Arthur and Linderman discuss their nefarious, murderous schemes loudly in the open. How did these two geniuses survive this long? Poor Angela, she’s worse off than S1 Sandra Bennett at this point with her swiss cheese mind. And she knows what’s being done to her too, on some level. Sucks to be her.


Meredith – “God gave you a big sister instead of a brain.” BWAH! Though in escaping, why did she choose a boxcar full of propane tanks when both of them are pyrokinetics? Sigh. Intelligence never lasts long on this show.


Oh ho, Thompson carries extra “ammo” for his tazer. He is not made of fail. Though where the hell is his “one of us, one of them” partner? 


The fact that Meredith caused the track wreck that Claire used to test herself in S1? Genius, poignant, and awesome. The fact that Thompson uses his last shred of morality to set her free after hearing about her daughter? Kind of awesome, but also not in all keeping with his personality. Whatev. She had to be set free somehow… Though why she came back to the States after like a few weeks is hecka weird. She said she was in Mexico during S1, but it couldn’t have been more than a month or so since she was freed before Claire found her… And how did she get into the phone book during that short period of time? ARGH! Read your canon bible writers, you’re giving me the fits!


Elle brings in a guy who can shoot without a gun or bullets. When did Sylar ever show this power? And then Trevor proceeds to destroy every single glass in the apartment. Elle then continuing to gush about him being so very special? Apparently Gabriel had the ability to withstand anvils because Elle was raining them down there. Hell, if I’d been Gabriel, I would have killed Trevor just to change the subject!


Linderman helps make badass Angela, yay! At least she still has spunk, even if her mind was full of holes at the time. She sure doesn’t waste time putting her new resolve into action. 


Without his powers, Arthur can’t even keep up with the audience anymore. We knew he was poisoned the second Angela talked about “your mother’s recipe.” Not to mention the inclusion of the Haitian for dinner. He didn’t find it the tiniest bit suspicious that the Haitian Sensation didn’t even sit down but just stood there lurking? Not at all? All righty then.


Didn’t Nathan learn from Angela (prior to her telling Peter) that Arthur had committed suicide (or so she said)? How did she convince him of that? “Oh, he poisoned his own soup.” 


At the funeral, I know it was obviously more important for Nathan, Peter, and Angela to express their grief (or lack thereof).  But where the hell are Heidi, Monty, and Simon? Monty and Simon’s grandfather just died, so where are they? Even a throw-away comment might have been welcome. The writers just conveniently forget that Nathan has a wife and children. Seriously. 


I really hope Usutu’s death and Hiro’s Arthurization were they tail-end of the dreamwalking, because I’m getting tired of Arthur steamrolling everyone. Can Unspecial Ando bust out some of those wacky drug fumes for Arthur to inhale or something if it’s real? ‘Cause that would be fab. Unspecial Ando saves the day! Make it be so!

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