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Heroes Commentary 3x10: Eclipse Part 1

My thoughts, in no particular order. Deal. Some amusement, some mild anger, some pure FAIL.



Oh, Baron Samedi is the Haitian’s BROTHER. Of course. Because it wouldn’t be an episode of Season Three if we didn’t learn about some kind of hitherto unknown familial or professional connection between characters. Because it’s impossible to have good drama without Making! It! Personal!


When the eclipse comes, Mohinder instinctively cocoons himself? Alrighty then. And then slithers out naked as a jaybird and covered in slime. Wave all the tantalizing glimpses of naked Sendhil Ramamurthy that you want, it won’t negate the fact that Mohinder’s intelligence has dropped steadily with each episode. 


He was honestly going to try to ditch scary Arthur to go hunt for Maya. “Honey, I’m home! And I’m no longer a cockroach!” “Yeah, sorry, still doesn’t negate cocooning random people in an attempt to save me. Bye!” Arthur isn’t going to subsidize Mohinder’s love life right now. Besides, Arthur is no longer feeling very special right now, and he wants his powers back lickedy split! Putting a Flint to Mohinder’s head and making him do “science” really won’t help though. Sometimes those Petrelli stupidity genes really shine through.


Also, love Arthur’s insistence on having Mohinder look at his future drawings. “You’re the scientist, you figure it out.” Oh Arthur, Mohinder is a(n) (incompetent) geneticist, not a bloody Mentat! Just because someone knows some science doesn’t give them instant expertise on everything. And conceding that Mohinder even knows anything is sometimes a stretch.


Peter and Nathan’s conversations this episode are pure slashy comedy gold. “You don’t have powers.” “Lemme help anyway? What else are you going to do on the flight to Haiti?”  “Good point. Get on and then get off.” Dudes, you can read between the lines to what they were saying with their eyes, it was totally true!


Later: “You won’t admit that you’re wrong!”

“I always know what I’m doing! I’m a senator!”

“Ma always liked me better!”

“Dad always liked me better!”







Seriously. They’re the ones that got regressed to age ten, not Hiro.


Hey guys, even if Nathan had his powers, was anything listening when they described Samedi as a militant drug lord with guns? So standing out in the open and having a shouting match, not such a good idea. Nathan, being inconspicuous FAIL! Though he did remember the French his mommy taught him when he was just a wee lad. However, won’t things get awkward when said militant drug lord realizes he has a US senator as a hostage? Not to mention that fact that eventually someone’s going to wonder how Nathan got to Haiti and why he felt the need to go there in the first place. Just saying. Nathan’s Petrelli’s a political idiot. The people of New York should feel underrepresented in the Senate.


Hmm, we got tired of Reformed!Gabriel already? Because Elle wasn’t taking prisoners there when she decided to fuck with him a little. Well, the only way I could explain the Pie!Elle of “Villains” was that she was heavily medicated, and thusly is not now. Because we’re suddenly back to the S2 Elle, who likes to play with her food before she eats it. Love that she’s toying with Sylar’s mind. Oh show, and thanks for remembering that Sylar is still a wanted serial killer.


The losing of powers with the eclipse scenes were mildly amusing, if only to make everyone realize just how much of a dumbass they look when they use their abilities. Parkman – “Why are you turning your head to the side, son? What’s wrong with you?” BWAH! Yeah Matt, somebody had to say it.


Elle and Sylar too. Hard to look menacing when you’re just waving your fingers around. I mean except for Sylar’s eyebrows. Those babies give him a masterwork bonus to Intimidate check all on their own.


Noah taking his lumps with Claire! Claire working out some issues! Claire being a bratty little bitch! Noah finally making Claire do something! Finally a vaguely forward direction to Claire’s character development!


Claire conveniently takes a shoulder shot for her dad, instead of her usual sucking chest wound… I’ll let that slide. Because we get to watch Noah kicking powerless!Sylar’s ass! Go Noah, go!


And now Sylar’s mind is clear that he’s powerless? Whee. Elle clearly believes she isn’t worthy of being a good girl, not with all she’s done, but Sylar things she’s worth of some post-shoulder-reduction sugar. While HRG has them in his crosshairs. Can’t blame the man for trying to take out the new Bonnie and Clyde, but the show would be just that much less cool without them.


Hmm… Claire’s only got a surface wound, eh? I still hope you have some heavy-duty antibiotics in that first-aid kit Sandra, or Claire’s going to end up with a glorious case of gangrene. 


I swear this must be the longest eclipse ever. Most solar eclipses can only be seen at certain latitudes for a few minutes at a time. Not for a day or more from New York to Haiti. Science FAIL! Must be Monday on Heroes.


When Ando was calling Daphne “Nemesis,” I could practically hear what she was thinking. “Dude.  I’m not your nemesis. My nemesis… is Captain Hammer Arthur Petrelli. Arthur Petrelli, corporate toolmaster!”


Though now, poor Daphne! I thought this “former life” Arthur kept referring to meant that she had been a crackwhore or felon or something. Instead, she had bad legs. Aww… I feel bad for her now.


Hiro throwing the corn at Matt? I’m sure that would be a lot funnier if I’d ever played Hero Quest? However, the comic shop with Seth Green and what’s-his-face from Robot Chicken? Pure genius!


Though, who the hell is writing 9th Wonders is Isaac is dead? It made sense for them to tell the future when he was writing them, because he was precognitive. But now? Isaac made a big deal of giving Hiro the incomplete final copy right before the Kirby Plaza showdown, so where are these stories coming from now? 


Now, when this endless eclipse gets over, things could get very messy. Methinks Claire’s going to wake up and heal after dying, thusly revealing the Heroes to the world inadvertently. Elle, methinks, is gonna die. It’s gonna get ugly folks!

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