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Heroes Commentary 3x11: Eclipse Part Two

Ten minutes of cool wrapped in thirty-five minutes of "WTF?"

But enough about my dreams.  Let's get to the episode, shall we?


With all the canon rape and blatant disregard for their own past two seasons, I was honestly shocked when, during the hospital scenes, the staff remembered to call Sandra Mrs. Butler. And then I remembered that Noah’s back to working for The Company now, so do they really need to keep being all secretive and stuff? Or did they just really not care? I think the writers sometimes throw darts to determine what canon they follow or ignore for any given episode.


When the ER nurse was pressing Sandra for an explanation for Claire’s infection, she just should have said, “Yes. Yes my daughter’s never been sick a day in her life.” Could very well happen in real life. Not bloody likely, but more plausible than trying to argue away a bullet wound to a southern California ER nurse.


The medical staff needed to open Claire’s chest to restart her heart? A girl suffering from a massive, systemic infection, and they break her open? I’m not a medical professional, but keeping with the awesome scientific realism of this show, I call that someone in the FX department just wanted to show off their great prosthetic open chest cavity they made.


And though Claire died, the police still left Sandra alone with the body long enough to smuggle her naked daughter out in broad daylight. Yeah, do that. Because yuppy suburbanite girls die of bullet wounds all the time, so questions really don’t need to be answered with any kind of urgency. Sandra and Lyle are going to need new identities. Claire’s officially dead now!


Either HRG is the slowest shot in the world (which I don’t believe), or Sylar and Elle just had the world’s fastest quickie. You mean to tell me that a man as righteously angry as HRG actually waited, after he had those two in his sights, stationary and making out, for them to duck down below the window and do the horizontal mambo before squeezing off a few rounds? Bull. Shit.


Especially not when he comes storming in there with a monster rifle a few moments later. Love it that Sylar and Elle pause for clothes before running for their lives. That failed attempt at modesty cost Elle one shapely thigh. That’ll teach them to wear clothes! Life is dangerous. Play naked.


The expression on the sales associate’s face when he interrupts Sylar’s first-aid session was rather priceless. Though, small question here, where the hell is the police in Costa Verde? All at the hospital with Sandra and Claire? Because a bleeding girl and then an armed man running after her rates slightly higher on the immanent danger scale than even a dead blonde teen.


Sylar tries to keep him and Elle separate, but Elle is being needy. So he shoves her down an elevator shaft, sort of. Foreshadowing, sweetheart! And your next death attempt won’t be so quick. Then HRG gets to show that he Really! Means! Business! by slitting Sylar’s throat. Hardcore HRG, hardcore.


Emotionally satisfying for you, but ineffective as far as Sylar’s continual existence goes, and another indifferent slap in the face for your daughter. The harder you try to protect her, the worse you make her feel. You want to save Claire? Leave things alone and spend some time with her! As we shall see. 


Peter, Nathan, and the Haitian Sensation. Aw, Peter made a 300 reference when talking about taking down Samedi, “They think he’s a god.” “Then let’s make him bleed.” Aw Pete, you get a biscuit for that. 


Then, Petrellis in chains, always good. People talking sweet or dirty in French, also good. Nathan makes some promises to young girls that he damn sure knows he might not be able to keep. Aw, he really is a politician. Either that or he’s picked up on Peter’s habit of promising or threatening more than he can possibly do.


Peter and the Haitian Sensation actually manage a rescue attempt without something going wrong! But then we had to have heavy foreshadowing of Family Problems Between Brothers. I like the Haitian. He’s a very interesting character. The fact that they had him sweaty and in a tight tank top for these scenes were great bonuses. But the only damn reason they made Samedi his brother, his Evil Powerful Brother, was to set up for the eventual showdown between Nathan and Peter. Except, ya know, those two are white. Ouch.


Ya know, brighteyed_jill pointed this out last week with Nathan the former Marine being unable to read a map, but despite Nathan’s political office and non-expendability, he does have military training. So why the hell would you leave Peter in charge of a gun to guard the rear? When the hell has Peter ever learned to use a rifle? (I’ll buy that as a rich brat going to prep schools he might have had a shooting class or something, or his dad took him and Nathan hunting, but I just can't take Peter’s firearm skills at face value.)


Nathan’s showdown with Samedi there at the end was pretty sweet. Flight bull rushes for the win!   But how was the Haitian able to knock people out? I like seeing the Haitian taking an active roll, but what the heck was he doing to those guards? Making them forget they were conscious? And what did he do to Samedi? Make him forget to breathe?


As to Nathan’s New Deal… Nathan, honey, ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR FUCKING MIND? Why the hell would you agree with your dad about anything? When has he ever been straight with you? Given the history presented to us, the last few years of your life you didn’t have a good relationship with dear old dad for several good, legitimate reasons. He was involved with a mob boss, trying to have you killed, faked his own death (involuntarily, but whatever), then de-powered your brother and had him pushed out a window. He wants you to give powers to the elite in order to rule the world. Does this plan sound vaguely familiar? Germany, 1930s and 40s?


And I don’t see how, at any time, you have seen powers provide some kind of long-term viable answer to world peace. The “good” people that have them were afraid of their abilities and didn’t want to use them, and sometimes had fatal accidents with them. The bad people that got them used them for bad purposes. About the only one that got her powers and then used them for good was Monica, as St. Joan. (Micah and Molly don’t count, ‘cause they’re minors.) Everyone else has either not done anything meaningful with their powers, or has fallen off the wagon at least once in terms of good/bad power use.


So why in the name of all that sweet and holy do you think that following a plan of giving out powers, as written by your evil father, will work? Nathan, you’re having delusions of grandeur. Clearly, your new world model should be based on that of a militant drug lord. Because nothing could go wrong with that as a blueprint.


Ando gets to talk English while Seth Green spouts comic book philosophy! Clearly this scene was written by geeks. Also, love the Ferris Bueller shoutout – “Heard from this guy at a convention, who heard from this dude, who heard from this other dude…” And someone mentions that bike messenger again. If we keep referencing S1, maybe this season will suck less!


But again, didn’t Isaac Mendez give Hiro the unfinished proof of his last comic in the S1 finale? So where the fuck did those other fucking issues come the fuck from? Even if someone picked up the proof from where Hiro dropped it, and filled in the dialogue balloons with whatever, where are these other issues coming from? ARGH! Yet somehow they keep finding more of the damn things, because Hiro needs a fucking Quest. Get this man a new plotline!


Matt and Daphne spend the whole episode angsting. It’s like teenagers except with more baggage. They’re a sweet couple, but I wish they’d use their powers combined to first find a more active plotline and then move towards it as fast as possible.


When Bonnie and Clyde show up at the Bennetts, it’s Sylar, Reborn, and Elle, No Longer Unplugged! What did I say about getting better locks, Bennett family? Or some bars on the windows? A panic room maybe? Or at least get a room at a hotel, because the local police are going to want Sandra for questioning as to why she wanted her daughter’s corpse.


But no, only Mr. Muggles and Lyle had the good sense to vacate this unsafe residence before the crazies came around. I like to think Lyle’s been showing Mr. Muggles at the local dog shows and making a killing on the prize money. Because someone in this family deserves a happy ending.


Child!Hiro does the best job of being effective with his powers since he boxed Adam Monroe in S2. Yay for depositing Bonnie and Clyde on a Beach Somewhere. Maybe it’s the Lost island and they can terrorize those guys some more- no, wait. We have seduction and sweet words sliding into murder ladies and gents. It’s a damn shame too; for all the stupid ret-conning, Sylar and Elle made an interesting couple. 


When Mohinder was looking for information about the eclipse, one of the books he was looking at was an encyclopedia. Seriously. Mohinder’s science cred has reached a new low. In looking for the most obscure information possible, he checks the most general reference around, a book whose purpose is to provide a broad overview about as many subjects as possible. Mo, try some astronomy scientific journals, NASA reports, freaking Wikipedia, anything. I can find more thorough information on a Google search!


Though Mohinder is a hell of a lot more devious than he lets on. “It’s only chai/a tracer/a marker.” At least Zippo!Flint called him on it. But the only thing Mohinder can think to do with his newfound freedom is run to Maya? I think Mohinder’s cockroach instincts want him to breed or something. Ew. 


Though here’s a question, where has Maya gotten the money for her apartment? Or how has she gotten a green card? In the short year Pinehurst has existed, does it have enough clout to push through a visa for a foreigner wanted for murder? How is this girl living day-to-day? HOW?!  But at least Maya didn’t have to talk to reject Mohinder some more. He’s doing it to himself now, saving us all time and embarrassment. 


Next week, they use Mohinder’s clearly unproven formula on American soldiers. Guys, look how much damage Mohinder managed to do, and he’s only a geneticist. I don’t want that “formula” crap near young, fit, aggressive young men with combat training. They might be decent people that are used to following order, but again, Mohinder. ARGH!

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