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Heroes Commentary 3x15: "Trust and Blood"

Ok, so the Heroes didn’t get Lost. But they might have found… something awesome!



Sweet, the previouslies this week are like Robot Chicken’s “Ode to a Nut Shot,” but instead they have the greatest collection of tazer shots I’ve ever seen! Peter – BAM!  Mohinder – BAM! Tracy – BAM! Matt – BAM! Hiro – BAM! Sylar – well, he actually does the bamming. Sadly that’s not a euphemism. 


(Hee hee, I noticed that the wire loops with poles the commandos were using on Sylar last week were actually animal control devices. Down boy! Stay! BTW, Mohinder wins the “Scream Queen” award for last week.)


Nathan does what all men do when having a midlife crisis – blame his daughter and call his mom to bitch about it. I damn sure hope that whole conversation was on a secure line. Angela’s not taking any of his crap anymore though and shuts him down. No forgiveness for you! 


An alternate title for this episode, “Five Times Nathan Petrelli Betrayed Everyone Who Ever Liked Him and the Sixty-Five Times He Didn’t Seem to Understand Why Everyone Hated His Guts.”


Nathan, darling, you’ve managed to make not a single friend. You’ve alienated every Hero in the cast, plus all your living relatives, and Danko, who’s theoretically supposed to be running your operation. The only one listening to you is HRG, and he will ventilate your ass in a heartbeat if this thing ends up hurting Claire. Nathan, you’re working without a net.


I did love when Danko brought the threats though and Nathan was, “We’re all replaceable, especially you Mr. Special Guest star. I don’t care if your name is a triple word score on Scrabble. Did you see what we did to Brea Grant? DID YOU?”


Hiro’s all, “it’s still my destiny and duty” to save everyone. Seriously? Still? But why don’t you know Claire’s name yet? You’re still calling her “the cheerleader” after four volumes.


(Though where the hell did Hiro get his glasses? He didn’t have them when Claire uncovered him on the plane, and I doubt the commandos were have left them on him. Nor did they seem to have any of the prisoners’ belongings with them. Even if they did, would Hiro have paused to look for his glasses after a freaking plane crash with killers hot on his tail? I don’t think so…)


Mohinder, missing his “fabulous” scarf from S1, managed to obtain the fugliest shirt possible in honor of his lost wardrobe. However, that man even makes an orange jumpsuit look good. Just saying. Doesn’t leave a lot to the imagination.


Then, Mohinder’s all, “Sorry Hiro, you’re no longer part of the club. Go turn yourself, and maybe they’ll be nice to you.” Bwah? The government took Hiro off of Japanese soil, so I don’t think they’ll be so keen as to let him go. And how is he supposed to prove he DOESN’T have powers? 


Mohinder tells Hiro just to “save himself.” Dude, you need Hiro. He’s got balls, determination that doesn’t quit, and access to the Nakamura fortune. He’s gotten his confidence back, and that’s a combination of “powers” this group desperately needs. 


I just love that Mohinder is telling Hiro and leave and Matt to hide after trying to establish himself as part of the club. But when Matt goes charging off to save his girlfriend, Mohinder’s all “But… but…” Mo, stop being a chicken! Matt has telepathy, Hiro is powerless, and you have super-strength, but you’re the one that wants to hide like a little bitch?


HRG in commando gear = HAWT!


Adrian Pasdar is kind of short. Really. Looking at him next to Jack Coleman I was like, “Aww, he’s pocked sized!” Hence the reason they’ve never filmed Nathan right next to anyone too tall before; because it’s hard to take him seriously when you just want to pat him on the head and lock him in a kennel. With Peter. Hee!


Where in Arkansas (or anywhere in America) can the government pull a full-on air strike that nobody will notice? (Which, BTW, completely missed huge chunks of the plane, so… what was the point?) The conspiracy nuts will be all over your asses!


No one is the least bit curious as to how Matt ended up with Isaac’s gift? No? Not even mildly curious? Mohinder can stop to question Hiro about his loss of abilities, twice, once when they were running around in a gully in the dark, but can’t get his BFF Matt to spill how he ended up with a dead man’s power? Also, you let the guy draw right out in the open when there’s helicopters overhead and a concealing trailer right behind you? Right, moving on. (Though that baby doll in the chair in unfortunately reminiscent of that Garland Green scene in Con Air and I was totally squicked out for a second.)


Usutu tells Matt to “focus” during the drawing scenes. Yes, please focus on drawing pictures that tell the future more than two seconds ahead! Also, maybe focusing on getting a few explanatory words on the page would be nice…


When Mohinder sees the drawing of Daphne, all he can say is, “She wasn’t at the crash site?” Dude, get a clue; she’s the fastest woman in the world. She can be anywhere she wants. “Impossible” is no longer part of your worldview. Deal with it. (Though Mo does get to touch Matt comfortingly in this scene. Yay!)


Hiro told Daphne about Ando’s secret lair? Uh… why? Seriously, why? What fuggin’ reason would he have to tell her that?


Daphne, you know that you, personally, can travel through time when you’re with Ando. Ando obviously knows this too. Why don’t you go back in time to before Hiro was abducted? Or last night when Matt should have called? Or, once you’d seen what was going on and gotten info from Claire or something, go back to just after the crash or before the plane took off and prevented this whole mess? ARGH! Show, you let us know the characters can do these things, and then you can’t just forget they’re possible!


Ando has the most potentially kick-ass power ever, and I was dying to have him use it during the episode! Use it on Matt to figure out all the commandos’ plans without having to leave the safety of cover. Use it on Mohinder so he could haul everyone out of there. Hell, maybe he could have used it on Claire so she could have shared her Magic Healing Blood™ to save Daphne, I dunno, just USE IT!


“Hiro’s alive because I kill him!” That’s a disturbingly happy thought for Ando, and the rest of the audience. Though knowing what we do now about Ando’s power, I wonder if he was just zapping Hiro into another time to save him from the impending disaster?


Tracy has hit the bottom of the barrel. Her Willie Scott-esque tantrum – “I want my Prada shoes and apple martinis!” is not endearing her to me at all. It’s time to pay the piper sweetie, and I guarantee it’s not going to consist of wiggling on the governor’s lap. 


(And Tracy, stealing a guard’s uniform isn’t from an old movie; it’s in dozens, nay, hundreds of films.)


Finally, confirmation that Peter’s power has been toned down considerably. Thanks for clearing that up, show. Though WTF is up with Peter so casually checking the clip and cocking the gun? When did this man get firearms training? WHEN?!


Oh, Peter, Tracy just confessed she thinks like Nathan. That means she’s going to ask you to hug her and then betray you. 


Nathan on the phone – “You have nothing I want.” Tracy – “I have Peter.” Nathan’s expression – “Curses, my only weakness!” Seriously, Peter is Nathan’s kryptonite.


HRG – Stop fucking stalling with the explanations about your involvement to Claire! You do NOT get to play the “protecting my family” card again. You just don’t. It’s the fifth ace of excuses at this point. You may have some fabulous ulterior motive, but if you don’t give her a straight answer she’s going to strangle you with her wig.


Claire has basically divorced her two dads at this point. It doesn’t matter how hot they are together, it doesn’t negate Nathan’s rampant douchery or HRG’s stonewalling.


HRG – “I’ll keep your stupid uncle safe for you.” Claire – “I hate you all and all you stand for.” Good, healthy family relations there.


Matt, you clearly know the tail section is where Daphne gets shot, so don’t you think to warn her with a “Down, get down, they’re going to shoot you!” the INSTANT she appears there?


Matt makes people shoot each other? DUDE! Super-badass Matt is either going to be super-awesome for the rest of this season, or super-angsting. It’s going to be damn interesting to see how this plays out.


Sylar, I’m glad to see you’ve embraced your serial psycho side with your whole heart in this volume. Your torture of Agent Simmons was impressive, a far step up from Isaac. Though less artistic, it was also considerably less messy and far easier to take on the road.


Small point about the first Mary and Luke scene – Despite clearly having an open parking space in front of their house, Mary parks a block away so she can expositionally pede-bitch at her son. Darn accommodating of her.


Damn that’s a big house for a single mom… Wait, intruder in your house, you’re five steps from the door, with a half-dozen squad cars just down the block, and you tell Luke to CALL the police? Woman, you deserve death for such stupidity.


Hey, Sy-Sy’s learned how to pin two people at once! He’s grown as a person. And Agent Simmons, I knew who he was going to start torturing first about five years before you did. Small blind salamanders living in the depths of unexplored caves in Mexico knew that.


Sylar’s mommy issues continue unabated as he takes out fresh rage on Mary, but does continue to bring the funny to the interrogation. Then he compares himself to forces of nature. Wow, this man needs therapy. He needs to be laid, big time. Luckily, he heavily projects his own family issues to avoid talking about his sex life. It’s like a Dr. Phil show! Unfortunately that mug was not microwave safe.


Luke’s rite of passage – melt that old Magneto action figure. Also must reveal he’s a worthless douche to get in the Serial Killer Club. Sylar says he has the will. Will to do… what? Shoplift crap? Lie? Be a total loser? Oh no, apparently the will to kill the incredibly tough and badass Agent Simmons to secure his entry into the Club.


Luke wants to keep his new BFF badly, apparently. Mary – “What are you?” Sylar’s expression – “My new favorite toy!” Then we play the game of “I’m really not that into you” to secure Luke’s undying loyalty and dependency issues. Wacky road trip time!


Peter wants to use Nathan as leverage against the government? Are you kidding me? Danko will shoot him happily. Then again, this is a Petrelli plan, let’s not forget. Nathan distracts Tracy with the promise of sex and martinis and committing Peter to an asylum.


Peter, honey, advancing on your unarmed senator brother with a gun drawn while trying to disclaim “unstable and crazy” is just a wee bit counterproductive.


“How many times are we going to do this?” This thing where you hold me close and whisper in my ear? “As many times as it takes.” Oh Nathan, I love it when you and Peter talk dirty.


Tracy is somehow surprised when her political scumbag boytoy throws her to the dogs. “Nathan, look at me! I’m pretty! I’m blond! I have boobs! I’m played by Ali Larder!” Nope, sorry girlfriend, nothing doing. Nathan just had a brother moment; he’s not going to be distracted from that.


Oh dear holy God, why is Peter in charge of the rebels? This man has never made a plan that someone hasn’t had to fix for him. 


“We have to fight them with everything we’ve got.” My steel, Fezzik’s Mohinder’s strength, your brains…


There’s an awful lot of talking without any concrete planning going on here Petey. Just saying. “Things we can’t even imagine…” Like… getting food? Water? Shelter? All without cash, support, or even the smallest particle of anything resembling a real plan other than Matt’s drawings? Wow.


Despite being a bit overenthusiastic, Hiro’s at least got his heart and determination in the right place to be a great rebel. That little amnesia mind-fuckery from Volume 3 at least made him realize he needs to put up or shut up. AND he isn’t handicapped in this situation by having a relative running the prison process, unlike Peter.


Matt wants payback, and Mohinder’s like, “No, that’s not you!” Uh, Momo, considering what you did to Sylar in S1 for revenge against your father’s death, you don’t get to talk about not wanting to get back at people.


Wait, Sandra actually fucking believes that Claire’s been visiting colleges? For serious? She CAN’T be this naïve this late in the game! Has the Haitian been by? (Oh, and Noah saying Claire wanted to stay another day was sick, wrong, and damn cold.)


Ooo, Claire gets rebellious text messages! Get a beret! Viva La Resistance!


So, who’s free right now? Sylar, Luke, and Claire, and also Micah and Molly. Now THOSE two would be hella useful in a rebellion. Need money? Micah’s all over it! Need to find where the prisoners are? Molly’s there for you. These two would be perfect! Also Monica would kick ass, but we know Dana Davis isn’t coming back, and more the pity. Monica would be extremely helpful. Bring back the forgotten Heroes, we need them!

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