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Heroes Commentary 3x18 - Exposed

Awesome, we have awesome on aisle 18!

Claire starts things off on the awkward foot with Alex and her mom by inadvertently accusing him of statutory rape. Alex backpedals so fast there’s practically a hole in the wall.

Claire isn’t Harriet Tubbman, Sandra is. Sandra has the secret crawl spaces. Sandra has the mad phat fake ID skills. Sandra has the awesome smuggling plans. Sandra pays attention to the fact the government agents are there, and then completely shuts them down once they’re inside the house. Sandra can tell a convincing lie. Sandra keeps a gun strapped underneath the kitchen counter. Ma Bennet = Made of Win.

May I just say, even though it was contrived, I liked Claire and Alex’s little moments. It was sort of cute and sweet, and Alex, unlike West, seems to be a reasonably mature, well-adjusted person that won’t stalk Claire and ask her to jump off of the Hollywood sign. Alex is also pretty ripped. Yum. However, disguise FAIL on Alex’s part. A vaguely different hairstyle, a few different clothes in the same color scheme as your old ones, and removing your glasses don’t exactly make you look different.

(By the way, what’s up the glasses thing in Heroes? Do the characters need them or not? Gabriel Gray needs them and wears them all the time, Sylar doesn’t. Present Hiro needs his, Future!Hiro doesn’t. Alex needed his a few days ago, but now he doesn’t. WTF? As a member of the glasses-wearing community since the fourth grade, I damn well know I can’t go without them, not even for short periods. If you wear them all the time, then you NEED them all the time. Pick a prescription and stick with it guys!)

I LOVE Sandra’s distraction technique with Lyle. Lyle, on the other hand, is very blasé about the whole situation. “Whatever, I don’t even care who this strange dude is. My sister does all this crazy shit and people break into my house and I seriously cannot get worked up about it anymore. Dad forgets I exist half the time, hell, the WORLD forgets I exist half the time, so I’m just gonna play on my PS2. Seriously, do not care anymore.”

Wow, Claire and Alex FAIL at escaping. You got a good distraction going out front and you trip over the garbage can on the way out? Damn good thing the writers decided we needed to see Alex’s power in action before he was written out of the script. Alex pulls a Waterworld Mariner moment to help in the escaping and… awww… I actually liked the underwater kiss. Very sweet. A good and reasonably graceful ending for his character. He should be grateful, there are far worse ways to get written out of this show. Please see: Hana Gittelman, Molly Walker, Monica Dawson, West Rosen, Micah Sanders, D.L. Lawrence, Jessica Saunders, Maury Parkman, Meredith Gordon, Simone Deveraux, Knox, Adam Monroe, and any victim of Sylar.

Wizza-wha? Doyle the Puppetmaster is still alive? I thought Sylar snapped his neck in “Duel.” Whatever, if they had to bring someone from Level 5 back, at least they picked one of the cooler, creepier villains. Barbie – Oh Doyle, you slay me!

Ok, what the hell is up with the wipes and other weird scene transitions this episode? I felt like I was watching a George Lucas movie.

Oh dear, it seems Luke and Sylar have taken a detour into Lost. Hence the old, run-down place that Sylar suddenly remembers, endless flashbacks of exceptional potency, and finding crap you left/stored there years ago.

Wow… I normally love Zachary Quinto, but Sylar was given some RIPE lines this episode. “It eats at your soul.” “Mommy… Mommy…” Not at all creepy, just embarrassing. Whoever was writing his dialogue this time needs to be beaten with a rubber hose.

Luke absolutely does not know when to shut his damn mouth. Every single word that came out just made me desire his death. Even when Sylar had him pinned against the wall, shit just kept pouring out. I’m thinking the kid seriously has a death wish; he sounded like he was pleading when Sylar DIDN’T kill him.

So Sampson Gray has telekinesis, so we’re supposed to know that yes, this is definitely Sylar’s dad, but WTF? I know TK is Sylar’s iconic power, but he STOLE that from Brian Davis. He was NOT born with it, so Sampson Gray having the same ability means exactly… nothing. Whatever, SHOW!

Riddle me this, why did Matt and Peter need to go back to Isaac’s old loft for Matt to do his prophetic paintings? Did Mohinder leaved stretched, blank canvas and a good selection of paint behind after it was converted into a laboratory? Couldn’t Peter have just picked up some crayons and construction paper at Target and saved them both a lot of trouble for going to such a well-known place of interest?

Peter and Matt’s Full Mental Jacket assault on Building 26 was pretty cool, and I hella loved Matt giving the ‘Sup, bitches?’ nod to Danko on camera. Though I can see Peter’s reasoning for wanting to storm the place with two sets of mental mojo, keeping the flight might have been a better choice, considering what happens. I was waiting for Peter to lunge into Nathan’s embrace when he showed up so he could bust out some flight and get Matt out of there. My oh my, wouldn’t Danko have been surprised?

Man, compared to anyone else in any room, Danko’s got very pale skin. Are they keeping that actor in a root cellar or just slapping zombie makeup on him before rolling camera? Hmm, we don’t often see him in day shots either. Or ever. I think Danko’s a vampire.

Every time Nathan opens his mouth around Danko or Noah this episode, he gets smacked, cut down, or bitch-slapped. I actually started feeling sorry for him.

Love it when Nathan re-emphasizes to Noah that Peter can read this thoughts and you just know Noah’s thinking, “Yeah, I know that. I’ve pulled this stunt twice before, once when my whole family was on the line, and once when I was trying to break out of the Company prison, so just buzz off Petrelli!”

Oh snap, Noah continues to weave his web of moral grayness and superiority as he plays both sides against the middle. Smacks down Nathan in front of Danko, then helps Peter be not dead! Go flying man Nathan! Way to help your brother. Finally. Damn, Danko’s going to be pissed if he gets ahold of any footage from the rescue.

Nathan is calling Peter’s wound a scratch while Peter, who very clearly got shot in the solid, meaty middle of his shoulder, looks like warmed-over death. Nate, sweetie, your baby bro is about to croak on you. Now is not the time to be manly about this. Peter takes the innocent moment to look like he’s going to finally bow to Nathan, then pulls a patented Petrelli-family hug fake-out and books it. AWESOME!

Angela salves Nathan’s wounded pride with a dream prophecy. Let’s hope it works better than the last five.

Matt! Oh nos! Danko’s being all mean to you, and now I have even less sympathy for him than I did before. And that’s saying something. I need to go slay him. Nobody messes with the Heroes’ huggie-bear and gets away with it!
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