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Heroes Commentary 3x19 – “Shades of Gray”

When the cast decides to posture, they really do strike a pose. And I love it!

Oh man, Doyle is officially my new favorite villain. Love the story he weaves about being all redeemed, wanting to make people happy, agents burning down his theater, and then he sheds a TEAR! Dude, he just lays it on thick and fast. Love it! This man was a puppeteer long before he got his powers.

Also, Doyle calling Claire “Comes Back to Life Barbie” is choice. Perfect name for her. Is it me or has Hayden’s wig gotten worse with each episode? Because it’s sort of starting to bug.

Nathan and Danko have several dominance fights this episode, and Nathan does the first one standing on literal high ground for comfort. Probably because they’re arguing about Peter, but then Nathan gets the call about Matt. And we have complete subtlety FAIL on Nathan’s part when he ostentatiously takes the roof exit. In front of Danko. Brilliant.

Poor Matt! This man never gets a break. Gets a girlfriend, loses a girlfriend, gets captured, escapes, captured again, and then turned into a bomb. And Danko is a real bastard; he wanted to blow up pretty Nathan and huggable Matt. DEATH! Death to he who would harm Senator Tight-Ass and The Huggie Bear!

Okiday Nathan, Matt tells you, point blank, that he’s drugged and can’t use his power. So what is the only thing Nathan suggests he do? Use his power. Damn good thing those drugs wore off after a few minutes, eh? Then Nathan clocks Matt. Oh Nathan, you two-faced bastard, instead of turning the other cheek, you just hit it. I bet that played great on TV though.

Hmm… Rebel is very trixsy. He’s here, there, everywhere! Please, PLEASE tell me Micah and Molly are involved in this somehow. Those two are absolutely perfect for a rebellion in this day and age. Come on, how cool would it be to see those two virtually running the show? You know you want it!

Good gray groinking grief, Sylar. His daddy is dying, how predictable, considering what Sylar’s come here to do. Daddy also has lessons to teach. Predictable. Damn it, why does Sylar always seem to fall for authority figures’ approval? It’s not for long this episode, but for a few scenes there it looked like Sylar was buying all his dad’s bullcrap hook, line, and sinker. And all he got was a dead bunny, a couple of holes in his shirt, and the self-righteous satisfaction of letting the cancer-ridden old bastard die. The only good thing he got was a better plot direction. So… almost worth it. Anything that gets our favorite serial killer back in touch with the rest of the cast.

If Sylar ends up killing Danko, I think I may fall in love with him. But if he ends up joining Danko, I’m going to stab something in the face. There is no middle ground. Love or face-stabbin’, take your pick, show!

Wow, Nathan really shouldn’t give orders to Danko unless they come in writing, because this is at least the second time Nathan’s been shot down in public. Not really helping his image as a mover and shaker, eh?

Danko’s unearthed Tracy’s “one of us” clip and comments about skeletons in the Petrelli family closet. Honeybear, it’s not just skeletons, it’s paralyzed dads and shoplifting moms and illegal secret societies and underground pleasure dungeons… wait, did I type that out loud? Oh wait, he just means Nathan’s very obvious ability. They throw down gauntlets and wave their dicks around and it’s kinda awesome.

Noah looks on, taking it all in and getting ready to hatch his plans for world domination.

Nathan tries to tell Tracy they’ll always have her suicide attempt. She finds this less than romantic. However, he did wear a vest and tight pants, so the visit isn’t a total loss. Interestingly, both Nathan and Rebel use the word “hope” like a code phrase. The conspiracy theories just hit a new level in my mind.

Ooo, burn, Tracy calls Nathan a lousy lover. Then plays ostentatiously ignorant for Danko. He finds this less than convincing.

Claire throws herself into the lion’s den of geekdom. And then pulls at least a three-alarm freak-out at her boss when he asks her a heroic question. Dudette, do not go to pieces over an innocent, topical inquiry.

Noah plays his cards close to his chest, and then throws out breadcrumbs. Leading to Angela. Danko doesn’t have a chance in hell.

Angela steals socks! Yay! And is trixsy. She’s so terribly clever with pulling out knowledge about Danko and keeping him at bay. Angela eats oysters and dispenses lies, while Danko is a Doubting Thomas. She also dispenses warnings. Nothing interrupts Angela’s lunch of oysters and champagne, not even threats against her family. Bite it Danko!

Just as a point, that conversation between Claire and HRG was about exactly nothing. Exactly. NOTHING! It was the “What do you want to do?” “I don’t know, what do you want to do?” conversation. Point. Less.

Oh Doyle is a clever duck for using the agent’s words against her. He’s also a lecher, but that’s part of his charm. Claire actually makes herself useful for once with pulling down the other agent. She’s effective this time around! She must have forgotten the stupid pills at the comic shop.

Rebel does the paperwork this time around, no irons needed. Does he do windows too?

Doyle’s evil little smirk when Claire asked him if he’d really changed? Priceless.

Excellent, Noah is about to move out of middle management as Danko is given the pink slip. Then, DANKO! Dammit! Noah was just about to get a promotion and you go and shove Nathan through a window. I know the economy’s crap, but surely you could find another job without breaking things.

Nathan’s expression while he’s hovering – “Well… crap.”

The Hiro and Ando show – Adventures in Babysitting! Seriously? We’ve been reduced to a wacky mistaken-identity caper and diaper-changing? Uh, show, Hiro and Ando deserve better. Much better.

Ok, Nathan saving Claire from the agents? Hella freaking cool. Finally he’s acting like a real dad for once.

Next episode? Looks to be made of pure win.
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