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I'm Selling Myself for Sweet Charity!

Okiday, Sweet Charity is here once again, something I've heard about but only recently decided to participate in. The deal is, a bunch of people get together and donate their talents to a cause. They put up ads selling themselves, and people bid on them, auction-style. Then all the money goes to charity, (in this case RAINN, a most worthy cause), and the winner bidder gets their prize! The majority of people are selling fiction, though some sell graphics, art, jewelry, clothing, LJ layouts, videos, or other things.

I am participating this year as a seller, or Ho, in the Sweet Charity convention. I am donating a 3,000 - 5,000 word piece of fiction in the Heroes, Supernatural, or Sky High fandom. Anyone who bids on me and wins gets to dictate the prompt I use and generally command me to produce something for them within the limits of our mutual creativity and desires.

[EDIT] Oh, and I've decided to also sell a batch of the World's Greatest Gingersnaps, so if you want homemade cookies, there's another reason to buy me!

People will be signing up to sell themselves until March 27th, and then the bidding goes from the 28th to the 31st. If you want to see what's for sale, go to the Sweet Charity site, then the Auction menu, and click "For Sale." I am, obviously, under the name of Jaune Chat, and there are many other LJ authors of great repute participating.

Come on down and take a look around! This is a worthy charitable cause, and you could get something really cool out it! (And come on, you get to tell me to go write what you want, so what's not fun about that?)
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