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Heroes Commentary 3x20: “Cold Snap”

Several awesome moments of acting, and one instance of wanting to slaughter a clock.

Lordy, lordy. Do you remember last week when I said that if Sylar killed Danko, I was going to love him, but if he joined with Danko I was going to stab someone in the face? Well, sharpen your knives sports fans, because no one would go to such elaborate lengths to gain the approval of an authority figure but Sylar. (See also: next week’s previews.) The clock-face in my living room is going DOWN!

And now I’m sad. What happened to that great set-up at the end of “Shades of Gray” with the bunny and Sylar hidden in Danko’s apartment? Instead of showing Danko going into full paranoia mode at someone putting unknown things in his secure apartment, he decides… to shave. Sorry man, not buying it. Danko has shown that he’s an intelligent, paranoid, ruthless son of a bitch. He isn’t Nathan; he wouldn’t pause for personal grooming in the face of a crisis.

Also, may I inquire, how the plock did Sylar find Doyle? Doyle was in California when we saw him last, and Sylar was in Wisconsin or something. So how did Sylar learn that Doyle was still alive, pinpoint his location at a distance of some two thousand miles, and transport him across half the country to Danko’s apartment (that he didn’t know about either)? Just saying. Makes. No. Sense.

Mohinder, darling, you are as beautiful as you are stupid. Nathan is gone, you know Danko is a psycho, and you willingly walk into the room of comatose peeps? Did you really think Danko was going to honor Nathan’s offer for you to be the “scientist” to these people?

But Mohinder does make a good point. Why hasn’t Danko just killed everyone he had sedated? He was clearly going to let Daphne die from neglect, and that room was in no way set up to keep dozens of people comatose for any length of time. Why bother keeping anyone alive now that he’s in charge? The only thing letting one of his specials (Tracy) out accomplished was the death of a team of agents. And while I don’t WANT Danko to kill everyone, he’s being pretty dumb if he doesn’t. Either take the brass ring or don’t, but either way, commit!

Was Rebel waiting until everyone but Tracy got into the coma room before staging the break-out? It’s the only thing I can thing of, that he could only secure so many routes out, and it would be easier if everyone were coming from the same direction. Otherwise he could have gotten any of them out at any time, methinks.

Glad to see Tracy get a little of her own back, but less pleased to see her start being a selfish bitch the second she frees Matt and Mohinder. Sweetie, did you notice how Matt totally schooled those commandos without laying a finger on them? Don’t you want to keep him around? Yes? Wait… no, because clearly the best choice of action is to skidoo without backup, because that’s worked brilliantly so far.

Quick question, why didn’t Matt and Mohinder at least think about freeing the other people in the room? It seems you’d have well over a dozen pissed-off powered people that would be eager to help you break out, if you’d have woken them up. Ok, ok, I know staging a huge multi-power battle with lots of extras would be staggeringly expensive but… meh! Meh I say!

I totally loved HRG and Angela’s interaction in the limo. Straightforward doublespeak, my favorite kind!

Angela steadily runs out of resources this episode, and it’s fascinating to watch her go through all of her options. Use her powers, make some gent’s day as she shares his umbrella space (and arm), mooch off her friends, walk casually into a building, and then, most awesomely, Peter comes to her rescue! The delightful little smirk he gives to the commandos is worth its weight in gold!

Tracy shoplifts, but like a good neighbor, HRG is there. I don’t know if I can express my inescapable glee at HRG acting like Tracy’s fiancé to throw off the clerk. This is a man who clearly has his shit together.

In order to get some promise of apple martinis back, Tracy vows to deliver up Rebel. But instead of thirty pieces of silver from HRG, Rebel himself gives her cash and a train ticket. And while there’s no noose and disemboweling in her future, let us say that Tracy’s method of atonement for what she’s about to do is much cooler.

Let me say, if Micah hadn’t turned out to be Rebel, I would have had to bang my head against the wall. Luckily, I didn’t have to. And, oh my, something certainly dropped while Noah Gray-Cabey was off the air. Our little boy is growing up! *sniff*

Oh horrors, Micah actually read Tracy’s bio. The expression on her face at that revelation is choice.

You can see Tracy start to have a change of heart as soon as she sees who Rebel really is, poor woman. And if she had to go out, she chose to go out on her own terms, fuck Danko and his entire operation… with the coolest special effects EVER! Though what was with the blink there at the end? Did she go T-1000, or are we skipping straight to Barbara?

The Hiro and Ando show, back in action! The Star Trek and E.T. references really actually did not amuse me that much. I mean, humor is welcome, don’t get me wrong, but it’s the fact that sometimes they are handled so… I can’t even talk about it. There’s being comic relief, and then there’s being made into a buffoon, which has happened to Hiro and Ando too many times.

Loved Ando being Dr. Phil, correctly diagnosing Hiro’s inability to play with a child in any sort of normal fashion. Despite all, Ando is still grounded in some kind of solid reality. And stable, rational people are a rarity on this show. Keep it real Special Ando!

(And Ando’s power can now be used to blast normal people? Unexpected, but useful!)

I was misting up at Hiro’s explanation of what happened in the past with his mom. That was the best acting from him in all of volume three, and it was great to see callbacks to that most intense of moments. It really gives Hiro awesome resonance when he saves Ando and talks with Matt Jr.

(And Matt Jr. is now responsible for reigning Hiro’s power back to something that won’t overwhelm the rest of the cast. While I can appreciate that, I wish the writers would think ahead before doling out powers like “time/space manipulation.” Because it’s cool when someone’s learning to use it, but too powerful once they get a handle on it. And they’d been smacking Hiro around ever since he learned how to use it effectively. Same with Peter. Think writers, think ahead!)

Janice… for all that I wasn’t impressed with her in the first volume, I was sort of loving her here. Thinks quick on her feet, learns who to trust, and is no longer freaked out by everything. Even if she never makes a return engagement, this one appearance validated so much about her.

Daphne, poor lass. Matt tried to do so much for her, and all she was trying to do was to get him to let go. At least, I hope that’s what she was doing, because otherwise she was being excessively shrewish after living with the man for four months. But otherwise, the Paris scene was Moulin Rouge sweet. Matt just wanted to give her the moon and the stars, and he’s one of the few people who can actually do that for the person he loves.

Adored Mohinder staying right by Matt’s side as Daphne went. The House of M was the best thing about S2, and I’ve been waiting for a meaningful reunion between those two for the entire season. Not a screaming match or future drawing session, but an honest-to-goodness sit down and give each other a hug moment. Thanks show!

So, the board has been set. The players are in action. Sides have been chosen. The first casualties have occurred. Now the time has come for: Heroes Vs. Sylar/Danko!
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