jaune_chat (jaune_chat) wrote,

A Tart, I Has It!

Wow! Ok, Sweet Charity is over, and over $13,000 was raised for RAINN! While I was sniped on both countessmary's Jayne hat and 47_trek_47's fic, I did get boudecia7's fic, so yay! I won something! I hope Boudecia's keyboard is warmed up... ;) And I hope both Trekker and countessmary's buyers are as pleased as I would have been.

I raised just under $40 for RAINN, between a fic and a batch of the World's Greatest Gingersnaps, which I threw in for a total lark, and which ended up going for more than my fic. I was confusilated. But pleased. To that buyer, I will be making them very shortly! And to my fiction purchaser, I am at your disposal... :D
Tags: sweet charity

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